The photo of Oz “Everyman” was ridiculous after he left his car for $ 70,000 in the photo

Mehmet Oz tried to take a simple picture of a man near some heavy equipment, but left his $ 70,000 car in the background.

the photo:

There are a few irregularities in this photo besides the luxury vehicle in the background.

Oz is wearing a dress shirt, jacket, pants and shoes. If the campaign is going to try to make him look like an ordinary person, then he should be dressed like an ordinary person or at least lose some of his formal attire. Like some who have lived in Pennsylvania for decades, the number of times I’ve seen someone dress like Oz by the roadside is exactly zero.

The Republican candidate stands in the way of the PA in the middle of summer and is squeaky clean. There is no dust or dirt on it.

He seems to have gotten out of a $ 70,000 jeep and decided to take a picture because it would make him look like an ordinary person and be liked by state voters.

Oz is so clearly bad at being a candidate. He does not deceive anyone in the BCPand ill-conceived stunts only serve to alienate further voters who no longer like and trust him.

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