The NFL player has a high rating of Trey Lance

IN San Francisco 49ers chose their quarterback quarterback for the foreseeable future in last year’s draft. With strong convictions, they exchanged to choose a rookie Trey Lance outside the NDSU. They sent their first round elections for 2021, 2022 and 2023, along with a third round compensatory selection for 2022, to Miami Dolphins in exchange for third place in the overall draft.


James Jones is impressed with Trey Lance

Lance played a few games last season when Jimmy Garopolo was eliminated for several games with injuries. Former NFL successor James Jones has seen enough to think that Lance will have a great career.

Jones said:

“I believe we are looking at a real superstar, just like Patrick Mahoms and Aaron Rodgers. We had a small sample of Aaron Rodgers, but all you heard from the locker room and the people around Aaron was, “Just wait. Wait and see. It was the same for Patrick Mahoms and the same thing we hear about Trey Lance coming out of the 9ers’ locker room. “

Jones added that he thinks that in years to come the young man will be compared to Mohammes and Rodgers.

“Everyone you talk to in the 9ers organization says everyone has a superstar written on it. There is nothing he cannot do. He could play with his feet, he has a really strong hand. Kyle Shanahan will score. really good situations. I think he will be in that category for years, when we talk about him Patrick Mahoms, Aaron Rodgers, I think he’s so talented. “

.@ 89JonesNTAF thinks the future is bright for Trey Lance “I think he will be in that category in years to come, we will talk about him as we talk about Patrick Mahoms and Aaron Rodgers”

Last season, Lance played in six games, starting in two, 1-1. He completed 41 of 71 attempts to pass for 603 yards and five touchdowns in just two interceptions. He also added 168 quick yards and a quick touchdown.

Matt Flynn is an example of a small sample size that did not work

Green Bay Packers in Miami Dolphins
Green Bay Packers in Miami Dolphins

Not every quarterback with a small sample size performs well after doing well in limited actions. Matt Flynn is an example of this. As a reserve quarterback for the Packers, he started for the team during the season finale against the Lions while they rested.

He threw 480 yards and six touchdowns in a 45-41 victory, earning him a big salary.


On March 18, 2012, Flynn signed a three-year contract with Seattle Seahawks worth $ 20.5 million, with a guaranteed $ 9 million. He played in just three games before signing again with the Packers to be their reserve.

Lance is certainly very different from Flynn, but not every small sample size works. It will be about how effectively Kyle Shanahan can position the young man in his extremely complex attack.

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