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V-MODA S-80 headphones

Today, the popular headphone manufacturer V-Moda introduced its first fully wireless headphones, but that’s not all they can offer. The new V-Moda S-80 Series is stylish and personalized with removable color side panels, as well as a Bluetooth speaker.

Yes, you heard right. V-Moda’s latest two-way headphones have a unique feature where owners can flip the headphones up, becoming what the company calls a “personal speaker system” so you can feel outside in more ways than one .

According to V-Moda, “when you enjoy a favorite song or discover a great new song for the first time, put the phones around your neck or put them on the table and invite friends to listen together. As soon as you turn the ear cups in place, the intelligent internal circuit automatically adjusts the equalizer and volume for optimal sound performance.

The new V-Moda headphones have their familiar first-class hexagonal design, but are slightly smaller than most. Instead of a design above the ear, they are on the ear, which means it won’t offer as much sound insulation from outside noise. However, the company says they are tuned for modern electric music and will sound great.

Customize the V-Moda S-80

And while the V-Moda S-80s have specific sound as usual, they are completely customized with the V-Moda app, full of EQ options and fine-tuning controls. This way you can change them to suit your audio style. Then, as you can see above, the company integrates neat removable magnetic shields on each cup, allowing users to adjust the look of the headphones for even better style. Each magnetic shield is for $ 24.99.

Given that these are the first all-wireless headphones from V-Moda, there’s no way to include them in the DAC for enhanced audio options. Fortunately, the S-80 still provides a first-class listening experience thanks to Qualcomm’s aptX HD codec and support for Apple’s AAC codec on iOS devices.

The all-new V-Moda S-80 is available in black, white and rose gold for $ 399 and will be available in July from the link below.

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