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The funny thing about sports writers who complain that the professional season is too long is, if you ask someone if they are too tired, how many will say no? Any amount of work is too much. Interview me after a long shift or after a session with a therapist and I am ready to pursue early retirement schemes. What is the name of the cryptocurrency and when can I lie on the beach? Here is literally all my money. I will now fall into a medically induced coma and wake up in 25 years, when healthcare is free and my portfolio is at the top.

The reason fans have to take care of their favorite players crossing the red line is fatigue, which leads to pulling, tension and tears. Some can do it, and others, like George Keatle, invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in body care and still fuck up your fantasy team until week 8.

We also want to see the best talents on the field, terrain, court, ice and all other playing surfaces. The annual parade of the injured NBA X player is for the playoffs, I’m sad, tweets that fill the timelines in mid-April and early May are depressing enough to make Iyor look optimistic.

The safety of players is important to the point where it interferes with revenue, but profits often replace the well-being of employees in every workplace, not to mention where people are paid huge sums of money to play games.

So in the name of competition, social media debates, and making you feel better (or worse) about how much time you spend in the office, here are the five busiest athletes in professional sports.

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