The IRS is buying ammunition, while the government intends to make it difficult for citizens to acquire it

According to a Breitbart reportThe Internal Revenue Service has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase ammunition, raising concerns about why a government agency is buying ammunition that the administration plans to limit further in the coming months.

Saturday, Congressman Matt Goetz told Breitbart that the IRS spent approximately $ 700,000 “between March and June 1” on ammunition.

Gaetz called the acquisition of ammunition by the IRS “strange.” He said: “There are fears that this is part of a broader effort to get a federal government entity to buy ammunition to reduce the amount of ammunition being delivered, while hampering ammunition production. ”

The congressman proposed a potential scenario in which federal agencies buy ammunition and put citizens in a situation where they cannot exercise their rights under the Second Amendment due to the inability to obtain ammunition.

He expressed concern that the government intended to reduce ammunition production “and, on the other hand, [soaks] increase its supply. ” This is something he believes is a direct violation of American rights.

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According to documents by, purchases of ammunition from the IRS range from $ 3,201 in ammunition at once to $ 92,000 + ammunition at a time. The purchases were distributed over several months, according to documents that are publicly available.

According to a report by OpenTheBooks published in 2020, the IRS has amassed 4,600 guns and five million rounds of ammunition as of January 2019.

According to Government Accountability Office the breakdown of the ammunition so far included:

  • 3,151,500 pistol and revolver cartridges
  • 1,472,050 rifle cartridges
  • 367,750 rifle cartridges
  • 56,000 fully automatic firearms

More interestingly, the IRS does not comply with any provisions regarding the issuance, use and accountability of agency personnel carrying such weapons. This is in stark contrast to recent pressure from gun control laws across the country, including tighter regulation of training and accountability.

According to reports from Chief Inspector of Finance for Tax Administration (TIGTA), the IRS has repeatedly failed to ensure that firearms procedures are properly followed.

“There is no national review of firearms training records to ensure that all special agents meet the qualification requirements,” the report said.

In addition, the report states that the failure of the IRS to carry out proper internal oversight of its weapons could have serious consequences for the public.

As the Inspector General noted at the time, “if there is insufficient oversight, special agents who possess firearms that are not properly trained and qualified could endanger other special agents and the public.”

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TIGTA report found that IRS Special Investigators (IRS-CI) accidentally fired their weapons more often than intentionally

In addition, the IRS has in the past been screened for the harsh tactics it used to enforce the tax code, including incidents involving armed agents. With the agency wants tens of billions with new funding, it is not difficult to see how these abuses can return.

And in 1998 article the Washington Post noted that many small business owners have been harassed by the IRS only to find no evidence of wrongdoing.

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