The IAF is releasing a detailed note on the Agnipath scheme

The Indian Air Force on Sunday came out with details of Agnipath’s scheme for the short-term introduction of widespread protests by soldiers in several states of defense job candidates demanding the withdrawal of the new model. In a note on the scheme, the IAF described Agnipath as a new human resource management scheme for the armed forces and said the candidate enlisted in the force would be governed by the 1950 Air Force Act.

The IAF has stated that the release of recruits at their own request before the end of the commitment period will not be permitted except in exceptional cases, with the approval of the competent authority. The 29-point note provides various details on the new enrollment scheme, including eligibility criteria, remuneration package, medical and CSD (canteen department) facilities, disability benefits, disability calculation, leave and training, among others. .

For staff under the age of 18, the IAF said, the enrollment form will have to be signed by parents or guardians in accordance with existing regulations.

The Agnipath scheme, announced on June 14, envisions recruiting young people in the age group of 17 and a half to 21 for just four years, with a provision to keep 25 percent of them for another 15 years. The government later extended the upper age limit to 23 for recruitment in 2022. The staff to be hired under the new scheme will be known as Agniveers.

“After a period of four years, all Agniveers will return to society. However, based on the organizational requirements and policies promulgated by the IAF, Agniveers will be offered the opportunity to apply to enroll in the IAF on a regular basis, ”the IAF said. “The skills acquired by each Agniveer will be reflected in a certificate that will be part of his CV. These applications will be considered by a centralized board in a transparent manner and no more than 25 percent of the strength of the specific batch of original Agniveers will be recorded in the IAF based on the presentation, “he added.

Agniveers will not be eligible for further enlistment in the armed forces and selection will be the obvious exclusive jurisdiction. It says that subsequent enrollment as a pilot in the IAF’s regular staff, with the exception of medical dealers, will only be available to personnel who have completed their period of engagement as Agniveers.

The IAF said Agniveers enrolled in the scheme could receive any obligations of organizational interest at the discretion of the forces. They will be entitled to awards and prizes according to existing guidelines.

“In order to encourage and recognize the dynamics of youth, Agniveers will wear insignia on their uniforms during their commitment,” the IAF said. It states that the granting of leave will depend on the requirements of the organization, adding 30 days of annual leave will be granted to each Agniveer, while sick leave will depend on “medical advice”.

“Efforts will be made to enroll Agniveers from all over the nation using state-of-the-art technology (online STAR exam and related testing methods), specialized rallies and on-campus interviews at recognized technical institutes,” the IAF said. .

It says Agniveers will form a separate rank in the IAF, different from any other existing rank, adding that recruits will have to accept all the rules and conditions of the new scheme.

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