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“These weapons offer false promises of security and deterrence – while guaranteeing only destruction, death and endless edges,” he said. video message to First date of the States Parties UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weaponswhich takes place in Vienna, Austria.

“Let’s eliminate these weapons before they eliminate us.”

“Recipe for destruction”

The UN chief said the “horrific lessons” of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fading from memory as they targeted the atomic bombing of the two major Japanese cities during World War II.

However, with more than 13,000 nuclear weapons still maintained around the world, “the once unthinkable prospect of a nuclear conflict is now returning to the realm of possibilities,” he warned.

“In a world full of geopolitical tensions and mistrust, this is so recipe for destruction. We cannot allow nuclear weapons owned by a handful of countries to endanger the entire life of our planet. “We need to stop knocking on the Doomsday door,” he said.

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is an important step towards a common quest for a world without nuclear weapons, Mr. Guterres told the participants.

It prohibits a full range of activities related to nuclear weapons, such as undertaking the development, testing, production, production, acquisition or storage of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.

The Treaty was adopted in July 2017 and entered into force in January 2021. It has been signed by 86 countries and ratified by 65.

A nuclear-free world

Governments, civil society groups and other observers attended the Vienna meeting, reflecting the central truth that “Disarmament is everyone’s job, because life itself is everyone’s job.”said the secretary general.

The decisions taken there will help strengthen the Treaty’s position as a key element in global disarmament and non-proliferation efforts, he added, expressing hope that more countries would be persuaded to join.

“Only by joining in solidarity can we remove this scourge and return to business to build a better, more peaceful and trusting world for all.

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