The GOP is in chaos as Trump refuses to support Kevin McCarthy as a spokesman

Trump is trying to claim that he never approved of Kevin McCarthy as a speaker, although he approved of it two weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, Trump backed McCarthy and said it was “Outstanding Representative to the People of California and Strong and fearless leader of the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives.

However, according to The Washington Examiner, Trump now says he never approved of McCarthy as a speaker: “Towards the end of a recent interview, Trump stepped in to correct Conservative talk show host Wayne Alin Route after saying Trump had approved McCarthy as a speaker. “No, I’m not,” Trump said. “No no no. I am not,” he added through cross-disturbance. “No, I supported him in his race. But I did not approve of anyone as a speaker.

Trump’s initial approval was loud, as if he, too, would support McCarthy as a spokesman. The whole reason Kevin McCarthy succumbs to Trump is that he longs to be the next speaker of the House.

If Trump does not support him as president, Republicans in the House of Representatives could plan their first coup against the alleged speaker if they win a majority.

Representative Jim Jordan is the man who lurks in case McCarthy stumbles. If Trump and his supporters in the House of Representatives support Jordan, McCarthy could be fucked and all his kisses with Trump will be in vain.

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