The Ginny Thomas-linked Facebook group FrontLiners for Liberty could be a new focus in January. 6 investigation

(LR) Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife and conservative activist Virginia Thomas arrive at the Heritage Foundation on October 21, 2021 in Washington, DC.

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A Facebook group that appears to be led by Virginia’s “Ginny” Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, could be a new point of interest in the January 1 investigation into the House of Representatives’ election committee. 6 attacks on the US Capitol.

Congressional investigators say they plan to ask Ginny Thomas to testify before the commission hours after Trump’s attorney John Eastman on Thursday publicly published and December 4, 2020, an email from Thomas asking him to speak before a rally she called “Frontliners,” which she described as involving “mass state leaders.” Ginny Thomas is listed as the administrator of a Facebook group with a similar name and description: “FrontLiners for Liberty”.

The private group, which included more than 50 members, was set up in August 2020, just two months before the November elections, according to the page’s description.

The group, which CNBC reviewed before being removed from the public domain, described itself neither “A new joint, freedom-focused, action-oriented group of state leaders representing local armies to CONNECT, INFORM and ACTIVATE each other on a weekly basis to maintain constitutional governance.” Although Thomas’ Facebook page has not been confirmed, it contains many photos of Judge Thomas.

The group’s pages were removed from the public domain after CNBC approached Thomas about the organization. It now displays a Facebook notification stating that it has either been deleted or the privacy settings have been changed.

CNBC also tried to get responses via Facebook messenger to Stephanie Coleman, who is also listed as the group’s administrator and the wife of the late Gregory Coleman, who was Texas attorney general. It was Greg Coleman once an employee of Judge Thomas.

Coleman and Thomas have been featured together on Coleman’s Facebook page, including a photo of the two together in December 2016 with former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Thomas asked Eastman to speak with her group Frontliners in December. 8, according to her email to him. Eastman said Thomas “invited me to provide up-to-date information on election lawsuits to a group he met with periodically,” according to his Substack publication, an email newsletter subscription service. Thomas told Eastman that she was “on Saturday leave until these election issues are resolved.”

At the time, Trump and his allies filed legal complaints against the results of the 2020 post-presidential election. Joe Biden was declared the winner. Trump and his family have lost most of these cases.

Thomas’ email to Eastman appears to be controversial in his legal dispute with congressional investigators considering Jan. 6 attacks. Federal Judge recently ruled against Eastman, who was trying to defend the privilege of a client lawyer to keep emails about the 2020 elections. ordered Eastman to hand over ten documents, including four relating to the December meeting. 8, 2020, on the same date Ginny Thomas asked him to talk to Frontliners. “Two emails are the group’s top leader inviting Dr. Eastman to speak at the meeting, and two contain the meeting’s agenda,” U.S. District Judge David Carter wrote in June. 7 orders.

Based on the agenda of the event, Eastman discussed “State legislative actions that could turn the media election for Joe Biden.” Another speaker gave an “update for [state] actions of the legislature with regard to electoral votes, “Carter wrote.

Eastman, according to Jan. 6 Commission for the Election of the House of Representatives, investigating the riot about 17 months ago, tried to persuade former Vice President Mike Pence that he had virtually unilateral power to cancel the election. Still, according to Pence’s former adviser, who testified on Thursday Jan. At a 6th hearing in committee, Eastman once told him that Trump’s adviser’s own legal theory would be rejected 9-0 if he went to the Supreme Court.

The select committee said it planned to invite Ginny Thomas to testify correspondence with Eastman. Thomas told The Daily Caller he was ready to testify. “I can’t wait to clear up the misconceptions. I look forward to talking to them,” Thomas said.. CEO according to reports backed efforts to cancel the 2020 election by sending text messages to former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, urging him to stand behind the then-president’s false election allegations.

Spokeswoman for the Supreme Court, spokeswoman for Jan. 6 The House Election Commission, Thomas, Eastman and his lawyers did not respond to requests for comment.

The Frontliners also worked with a conservative advocacy organization known as FreedomWorks, according to non-profit spokesman Peter Vicenza. He also said Thomas and FreedomWorks activists had been allies for years. FreedomWorks does not publicly disclose its donors.

“Frontliners for Liberty is another conservative organization that FreedomWorks has partnered with to improve our set of issues,” Vicenza said in an email. “Ginny Thomas has been an invaluable ally of our activist community for years when it comes to engaging on common issues.”

After Trump lost the election, FreedomWorks imposed the idea that there should be electoral reforms. Conservative lawyer Clata Mitchell, who worked s The Trump campaign is now chairing the multimillion-dollar FreedomWorks election defense initiative. according to Newsmax.

Merissa Hamilton, who says on her LinkedIn page that she is a regular director at FreedomWorks, tweeted in October a photo of what she described as an event at FreedomWorks Frontliners for Liberty. The photo shows Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., Louie Gohmert, R-Texas and Lauren Boubert, R-Colo. attends the event.

After CNBC sent an email to Hamilton about the tweets, they were deleted from her page. She did not respond to subsequent requests for comment.

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