The fastest players in MLB

Speed ​​and stolen bases are not as prevalent in MLB as they were years ago, but the fastest players in the game still give their team a significant advantage in running at base and on the field. These are the fastest players in 2022 according to Statcast’s sprint speed.

Bobby Whit Jr., SS, Royals

William Purnell / USA Today Sports Images

Witt continues to advance in his new season with 23 extra shots and eight stolen bases in his first 52 games of his career. Shortstop showed athleticism out of the charts, averaging 30.4 feet per second sprint speed.

Trea Turner, SS, Dodgers

Gary A. Vazquez / USA Today Sports Images

Turner has regularly been among the fastest players in his MLB career and 2022 is no different. The star shortstop has 12 thefts in 55 games and has over 200 stolen bases for his career.

Jorge Mateo, SS, Orioles

Kirby Lee / USA Today Sports Images

Mateo is set to be a regular short for the Orioles’ recovery this season and has 13 stolen bases in 51 games. He once took over 82 bases as a Yankee farmer in 2015.

Jose Siri, OF, Astros

Stan Sheto / USA Today Sports Images

Siri made some noise in the playoffs last year and continues to play well off the Astros bench. He has six stolen thefts in 37 games and has an average speed of 30.2 feet per second.

Ellie White, OF, Rangers

Jim Cousert / USA Today Sports Images

Fast White was a regular surprise for Texas. Clemson’s Alum has 12 stolen bases in 44 games, although its average hit rate is below .200.

Joe Adele, OF, Angels

Richard Maxon / USA Today Sports Images

A former top prospect, the athletic Adele still finds her way into the big ones. He has only stolen three thefts in 95 games in his career, but still shows plus strength and speed.

Matt Whirling, OF, Phyllis

Dale Zanin / USA Today Sports Images

Vierling started the year as Phils’ starting central pitch, but has since moved between Triple-A and the Majors. He has three stolen thefts in 58 games in his career last season.

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8. Tyler O’Neill, OF, Cardinals

Tyler O'Neill, OF, Cardinals

Denny Medley / USA Today Sports Images

O’Neill is known for his muscular physique and great strength with 34 home runs last season. He also pulled out 15 bases and three bases in 33 games this year.

Edmundo Sosa, IF, Cardinals

Joe Puez / USA Today Sports Images

Sosa won playing time in St. Louis s Paul DejongIt’s struggling and continues to work well. He has six stolen bases in 154 career games and averages 29.8 feet per second sprint speed.

Julio Rodriguez, OF, Sailors

Tommy Gilligan / USA Today Sports Images

Rodriguez is the favorite to win the AL Rookie of the Year, showing that he can do anything on the field. The 21-year-old is the MLB leader with 17 stolen bases, also hitting .273-7-26.

Amed Rosario, SS, Guardians

Ken Blaze / USA Today Sports Images

Rosario’s speed allowed him to split the time between short stop and outfield, while showing good stolen base numbers. He has 68 stolen thefts in 590 career games, including five stolen thefts this season.

Bradley Zimmer, OF, Blue Jays

Denny Medley / USA Today Sports Images

Zimmer was a valuable player on the Toronto bench after winning 15 bases in 99 games with Cleveland last year. He has only one steal in 39 games so far this season, but has an average speed of 29.5 feet per second.

Jake McCarthy, OF, Diamondbacks

Charles LeClaire / USA Today Sports Images

McCarthy has seen only 147 appearances in two seasons of his career, but now shines as one of the fastest players in MLB. He stole 32 bases between three levels, including MLB, last year.

Derek Hill, OF, Tigers

Kirtmon F. Dosier / USA Today Sports Images

Hill has spent time patrolling the central field for the Tigers and has three thefts in 29 games. He stole more than 20 bases five times from minors.

Jeremy Pena, SS, Astros

Troy Taormina / USA Today Sports Images

Pena remains the rookie candidate of the year after a quick start, with eight home runs and four stolen bases in 49 games. Shortstop stole 20 bases for minors in the 2019 season.

Mike Trout, CF, Angels

Jane Kamin-Onsea / USA Today Sports images

Trout doesn’t steal bases like it used to, but the superstar still works very well. He has yet to win a base in 52 games played this season, but still led MLB in his new season in 2012 with 49. Trout has 203 stolen balls in his career.

Harrison Bader, CF, Cardinals

Charles LeClaire / USA Today Sports Images

Bader brings energy to the central field and the Cardinals with his elite speed. In 53 games played, he was tied for the lead in the NL with 14 stolen balls.

Ryan McKenna, Utah, Orioles

Gregory Fisher / USA Today Sports Images

McKenna’s speed makes it suitable for communal work in Baltimore. He has only one steal in 126 games in his career, but has stolen more than 20 bases twice in the minor leagues.

Andres Jimenez, 2B, Guardians

Rick Osentoski / USA Today Sports Images

Jimenez is emerging as one of Cleveland’s best offensive players this season. The former top prospect has seven home runs and four stolen bases in 44 games. He stole 38 bases on the Mets farm in 2018.

Jazz Chisholm, SS, Marlins

Ash Vinlove / USA Today Sports Images

Chisholm quickly became the face of Marlins, presenting big numbers at the beginning of the year. He leads the MLB with four three-pointers and also has nine stolen bases in 43 games. He showed an average sprint of 29.2 feet per second.

John Bertie, Utah, Marlins

Dale Zanin / USA Today Sports Images

Bertie is well known for his ability to steal at the base, with 43 steals from his career in 228 games. He already has eight stolen balls this season, playing mostly off the bench.

Miles Straw, CF, Guardians

Tommy Gilligan / USA Today Sports Images

Straw arranges the table for the Guardians. After stealing 30 bases between Houston and Cleveland last season, Straw has 11 stolen thefts in 51 games in 2022.

Jose Azocar, OF, Padres

Orlando Ramirez / USA Today Sports Images

Azocar has a valuable contribution as a rookie for San Diego. He has two stolen thefts in six attempts earlier this season in 41 games, with an average speed of 29.2 feet per second.

Kevin Kirmayer, CF, Flight

Kim Clement / USA Today Sports Images

Kirmaier is known as one of the best defensive central players in the game, with three golden gloves. He can also steal a base, doing so three times this season and 109 times in his career with his elite speed.

Lucius Fox, IF, National

Jeff Burke / USA Today Sports Images

Fox appeared in the big tournaments only briefly this year, winning one base in 10 games. He has appeared as a top prospect sometimes during his career in the minor leagues and has stolen more than 20 bases four times in the junior league.

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