“The Democratic Party’s Dream Candidate for the Republican Party”

Greg Kelly opened his Thursday night, focusing 12 full minutes on Cathy Barnett. Kelly says Barnett is not like Trump: “This is the Democrats’ Dream nomination!”

Greg Kelly: I believe the people I’m talking to are actually the Democrat’s dream nomination for the Republican Party. Look, they like her story, which may be fake. They don’t realize it about her. She says she’s a conservative. I don’t buy it. In fact, she looks like a race dealer. Yes, I’m sorry to say that, but it’s true… I believe that if she was white, she wouldn’t be competitive in this race at all. George W. Bush called it a fanaticism of soft expectations. She escaped without answering many basic biographical questions.

Greg Kelly posted a few tweets today about Katie Barnett’s mysterious past.

TREND: EXCLUSIVE: Stuart Rhodes Oath Guardians Releases First Statement from Alexandria Prison to The Gateway Pundit – Federal Threatens Life in Prison (AUDIO)

Trump strikes.

Release the police funds.

Mysterious record.

Greg Kelly released a huge report on Katie Barnett tonight.
That was brutal … and bold.

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