The date of publication of the audiobook Lake Bell “Inside Voice” was set by Pushkin

Lake Bell explores the power of the voice for the first time in her award-winning 2013 film for the sound industry, “In a World”, which she wrote, directed and participated in.

Now, nearly 10 years later, the actor-screenwriter-director-producer has further unpacked the fixation in “Inside Voice: My Obsession With How We Sound”, an audiobook to be published by Malcom Gladwell’s Pushkin industry on November 1, 2022

“Inside Voice, Bell’s first book project, will delve into her complex views on voice – and” how this vital part of our identity serves as an X-ray of our personal stories, exposures, vulnerabilities and conditions, “according to Pushkin.

“Without hyperbole, the theme of the voice has been a lifelong passion that inspires my work and life from every angle,” Bell said in a statement. Diversity. “I am so grateful that Pushkin is a creative home and collaborator on this deeply personal project.”

The five-hour audiobook will include nearly 20 contributors with iconic voices, including Drew Barrymore, Susie Esman, Tracy Ullman and Jeff Goldblum, as well as a number of experts such as linguistics professors, dialect teachers, poets and voice actors. Bell takes listeners on a personal journey – reflecting on how her love of accents and dialects has inspired her career as an actor – while exploring how society treats people based on the way they speak.

Inside Voice includes interactive exercises and games, spoken poetry, personal stories from people like the legendary Pam Greer, outspoken transgender author and podcaster Samantha Allen, and many Impressionists, including Bugs Bunny himself, among other archival audio clips from movies and television .

Bell’s acting credits include “Children’s Hospital”, “No Escape”, “Man Up”, “It’s Complicated”, “What Happens in Vegas”, “How to Make It in America” ​​and “Bless This Mess”, which it is also co-created and produced. She has written and directed two feature films (“In a World и” and “I Do… Until I Don’t”) and is currently developing her third original film, “Baja Black Sheep”, which she has written and will direct. will star in, produced by Stacy Cher, Pablo Cruz and Jet Steiger.

Besides, Bell recently directed two episodes of the original Hulu series “Pam and Tommy”, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan. She starred in the animated film “Cryptozoo” by Dash Shaw, as Poison Ivy in the animated series “Harley Quinn” on DC and as Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff in the animated series Marvel “What If…” on Disney +. Bell serves on the board of Women in Film, a non-profit organization that advocates for the success of female peers in the entertainment industry. She was born in New York and lives in LA with her two children.

Bell’s Inside Voice joins Pushkin Industries’ list of audiobooks, which includes Miracle and Wonder: Conversations With Paul Simon by Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Hadlam, Heartbreak by Florence Williams, a newly recorded version of Michael Lewis’s Liar’s Poker . And Joshua Cohen’s 2022 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Netanyahu.

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