The congressman called on Trump and his activists to be prosecuted after a 1/6 hearing

Representative Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) called on Donald Trump and his aides to be prosecuted before they can try to steal new elections.

Pascrell tweets:

Judge Lutig warned in his statement before the commission 1/6: “This false and reckless insistence that the former president won the 2020 presidential election has destroyed Americans’ confidence in their national elections. Even more worrying is that the former president promises that his re-election will not be “stolen” from him next time, and his allies and Republican supporters are graciously promising the same.

The only way to be sure that Trump and his aides can’t steal the 2024 election is to persecute them in 2022. Whatever the Justice Department’s concerns, it can’t be worse than a potentially stolen election and the death of democracy in the United States.

Representative Pascrell has openly called for Trump to be tried in the last two years, but after hearing a 1/6 committee on Thursday, there is new urgency in his appeal as it becomes clear what Donald Trump has done and that he plans to do it again.

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