The children of Gaza are suffering: the shame of Trudeau is the shame of Canada The rights of the child

Rejecting your promise to help children in need is a lasting stain on everyone’s name and character, regardless of their name or position.

This is what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done to the injured children of Gaza – victims of constant Israeli perversions, invasions and a long, crushing blockade that marks 15 years this month.

Trudeau abandoned the promise he made in writing a few years ago – if this fraudulent prime minister even remembers writing it – to support and welcome Canadians who wanted to help heal the wounded children of Gaza in Canada.

Worse, he betrayed hospitals, doctors, nurses and other kind Canadians who had voluntarily joined Canadian / Palestinian Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Izzeldin Abuelais in an attempt to take away only 100 wounded and injured Palestinian children from Gaza in Canada for the care they need.

The still urgent need for this still necessary care was clarified in one arrest report published earlier this week by the advocacy group Save the Children, which found that four out of five children in Gaza are besieged by panic, anxiety and fear.

They can’t sleep. They cannot concentrate. They are overwhelmed with sadness and grief. They worry, wait, watch and listen for an apartheid country to do what it inevitably does: drop more bombs, shoot more bullets, release more drones, attack more homes, destroy and disfigure more lives while using force, fear and threats to block children, women and men and things in life from entering or leaving Gaza.

The report says almost every 800,000 children sleeping in Gaza get their beds wet. Nightmares of missing homes, schools and loved ones are equally common. More than half suffer from what is known as “reactive mutism”: when shock and trauma turn into withdrawal, empty numbness and silence.

Other children suffer severe wounds not only to the mind and spirit, but also to the body. Faces and figures with scars. Lost limbs. Lost eyes. Lost independence. Lost hope.

This is an old, inhuman story that Save the Children says is getting worse year after year, invasion after invasion. Alas, the report did not suddenly pierce the egalitarian consciousness of Western news editors, who are expected to remain focused on the fate and future of Ukrainians. You see, Palestinian children are “buried” in more ways than one.

Without worrying, Dr. Abuelais is determined to relieve Palestinian children of their loss, pain and cruel burdens, because he and his children know and have experienced the same loss, pain and cruel burdens.

His horror happened on January 16, 2009.

At one point, three of Dr. Abuelaish’s daughters, Besan, 21, Mayar, 15, Aya, 13, and a niece, Nur, 17, were alive, and the next, they were dismembered by Israeli tank shells fired at the family home in Gaza. , where they had gathered in the midst of another invasion designed to teach imprisoned Palestinians another deadly lesson.

Dr. Abuelaish was also at home. He was holding his six-year-old son, Abdallah, when the first projectile struck. They were in the hall. Smoke and dust enveloped the tattered house. Stunned and disoriented, Dr. Abuelaish stumbles into his children’s rooms. Then another projectile hit. He found their broken, bloodied bodies. Mayar was beheaded.

How and why did it happen? He cried. He had dedicated his life and medical practice – working part-time in an Israeli hospital – to try to bridge the deep, historical and vindictive divide between Palestinians and Israelis.

In his words and deeds, Dr. Abuelaish has rejected the impulse to strike back, to hate. Instead, he chose to promote peace and compromise in the pursuit of mutual understanding.

Later, widowed and grieving, Dr. Abuelaish moved to Canada. And there, in 2014, after Israel invaded Gaza again with fatal and crippling consequences, it launched a campaign called Heal 100 Children to enlist the help of willing Canadians and governments to repair the broken minds, spirits and fragile structures of the Palestinians. children.

Many Canadians responded. Moved by Dr. Abuelaish’s example, other “helpers” stepped forward, eager to fix who and what needed to be fixed. The Ontario government has also agreed to do what it can.

Federal opposition leader Trudeau then seized the political opportunity to establish his “humanitarian” good faith in a sharp counterpoint to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who was, of course, indifferent to Palestinian suffering.

On August 3, 2014, Trudeau called Canadians on Twitter to: “Please add your name in support of taking Palestinian children for treatment in Canada.”

Two days later Trudeau returned to Twitter, this time to applaud then-Ontario Health Secretary Eric Hoskins and the Liberal Provincial Government for their commitment to supporting the #Heal100Kids initiative.

Harper refused to allow Palestinian children and their families to come to Canada. Heal 100 Kids was killed by a callous little man who happened to be prime minister.

A year later, Trudeau took over with a strong majority.

In 2018, Israel killed and maimed many Palestinians along the Gaza / Israel border. IN column published that horrible summer, Dr. Abuelaish asked Trudeau, as Prime Minister, to finally keep his word and revive plans to organize a trip for 100 Palestinian children from Gaza to Canada to be cared for by Canadians who they want to take care of them.

Like Harper, Trudeau refused, proving that his old tweets supporting Heal 100 Kids, like the man, were a cheap trick rather than a reflection of true conviction.

Last May, after 67 Palestinian children were killed and hundreds injured in an 11-day Israeli turkey shooting, Dr. Abuelaish again tried to persuade the prime minister to turn the hashtag he once shared with his legion of followers into a belated action.

Trudeau refused – again.

The Prime Minister has complicated his deplorable hypocrisy by referring to an outstanding Palestinian Canadian – who has been revered by foreign leaders, including in Israel, and awarded 18 honorary doctorates in recognition of his history, humility and humanity – like no other. unworthy of an answer.

But, as we know, despite all the nonsensical rhetoric about how this prime minister and his government see all victims of state-sanctioned violence – no matter where they live or die, look or pray – as deserving of compassion and safe haven in Canada, Palestinians victims of war, including children, will always be unworthy of anyone.

You want additional proof. Here is the proof.

Trudeau and his battalion of “people” – I will return to them shortly – did not hesitate to command and often demanded that the heavy government machine be mobilized immediately to provide Ukrainian victims of the war with a new place to call home. , work permit to find a new job and the best care in Canada.

Any Ukrainian who wants to come to Canada – whether for a short or long time – can come. Now. No visas required. No number limit. No waiting in line.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abuelais and 100 Palestinian children have been abandoned for eight years. A little important. Forgotten. Discarded. This is a blatant and shameful double standard.

Trudeau’s shame is Canada’s shame.

This shame extends to the complacent, patronizing list of Trudeau’s surrogates who speak on behalf of him and his government.

Armed with the torturous Save the Children survey, I sent Trudeau’s “people” a list of questions. Chief among them: does the Prime Minister of Canada recall that he supported Heal 100 Kids and, if so, why he failed to do what he wanted Canadians to do – give his time, skills, resources and energy, to comfort some battered Palestinian children in Canada?

Like their boss, they refused to answer direct questions about his shoddy face.

Trudeau is a “liar and hypocrite,” Dr. Abuelaish said with understandable disappointment.

“History,” he warned, “does not forget and does not forgive.”

Dr. Abuelaish is right.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Al Jazeera.

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