The brain behind the New Libertarian Party

“At the heart of our strategy is cancellation and decentralization,” he said Michael Hayes, founder of Mises Caucus and a leading strategist behind the takeover of the Libertarian Party by its congressional group in 2022 in Reno, Nevada.

The caucus is shaped by the Ron Paul 2.0 movement, with a message focused on ending wars, ending the Federal Reserve and ending what it calls the “COVID regime.”

Hayes formed the Mises Group after the 2016 presidential candidacy of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson.

“Gary Johnson: 4.3 million votes, the highest total number so far. [But he created] there is no lasting movement, no return on investment from these votes, “said Heise.

Hayes won the support of influential libertarian podcasters Tom Woods and Dave Smith and began methodical work to elevate his allies to leadership positions in most of the Libertarian Party’s state affiliates. By 2022, Mises’ group controls 37 state delegations. With this control, the candidates approved by Mises Caucus took over the entire leadership of the National Party of Congress, which means that major changes in the Libertarian Party are imminent.

The reason sat down with Heise to talk about the party’s new strategy, how to measure success and his response to critics who say Mises’ caucus hurts the party and the wider libertarian movement.

Produced by Nick Gillespie and Zach Weissmüller; edited by Adam Charnecki; sound editing by John Osterhouse; additional graphics by Regan Taylor

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