The best shares of Robinhood to buy or watch now

Buying stocks is deceptively easy, but buying the right stocks at the right time without a proven strategy is incredibly difficult. So who are the best Robinhood shares to buy now or put on a watch list?


Now, alphabet (GOOGL), Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) and Delta Air Lines (sprouts) are exceptional performers, at least relatively. Unlike the actions of memes with improper ignition such as GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment (AMC), these stocks offer a combination of solid fundamental and technical characteristics.

Robinhood’s Best Stocks to Buy: Crucial Ingredients

There are thousands of stocks traded on the NYSE and Nasdaq. But to generate big profits, you need to find the best. Robinhood’s best stocks for investors will be those that offer a combination of profits and stock market performance.

IN CAN SLIM system offers clear guidelines of what to look for. Invest in stocks with recent quarterly and annual earnings growth of at least 25%. Look for companies that offer new products and services that change the game. Also think of companies that are not yet profitable, often recent IPOs that generate huge revenue growth.

The market is key in buying Robinhood shares

A key part of the CAN SLIM formula is M, which means market. Most stocks, even the best, follow the direction of the market. Invest when the stock market is in a confirmed upward trend and switch to cash when the stock market adjusts.

The stock market rally, which began in 2022, soon collapsed. The last attempt at a rally recently failed, leading to a return to the market in a state of adjustment. The S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones Industrial Average again broke the 52-week lows.

Once the market returns to adjustment, investors should avoid buying stocks altogether. Investors need to start raising money. You must be completely off the margin.

However, investors need to stay committed and now is a good time to look for quality stocks, also add to your watch list. Applicants include those in IBD 50. They will tend to rise lines of relative strength. The names below are good candidates.

Remember that there is still a significant risk to the title. Inflation remains a key issue, while the Russia-Ukraine conflict is a wild card that has proven its ability to shake the market.

Things can change quickly when it comes to the stock market. Make sure you watch carefully market trends page here.

The best shares of Robinhood to buy or watch

Now let’s look at Google shares, Johnson & Johnson shares and Delta shares in more detail. An important consideration is that these stocks are fundamentally solid, while institutional ownership is also strong. They are also part of Robinhood’s Top 100 stocks, the platform’s most popular stocks among traders.

Google Stock

According to Google, Alphabet’s parent has been struggling lately MarketSmith analysis. However, this does not undermine the last low levels, which is positive.

He fell below his 200-day line. Its 50-day moving average also fell below this key indicator, which is a bearish sign.

IN line of relative strength is trying to rise again in June after reaching a 52-week low. The RS line measures the performance of stocks compared to the S&P 500.

GOOGL shares have seen their part IBD Composite Rating drops to 66. This is due to poor market performance over the last 12 months.

Profits overshadow the performance of the stock market with their own EPS Rating is very strong 95 out of 99.

Profits rose by an average of 49% in the last three quarters. This is well above the expected growth of 25%. YOU CAN TRANS investors.

Google’s earnings per share for the full 2022 are expected to grow by 11%, then increase by another 19% in 2023.

Big money has been cutting Alphabet’s stock lately. This is reflected in his Accumulation / distribution rating of E. However, 42% of all shares are still held by funds.

Shares of Google rose after the company announced a split of shares 20 to 1. It takes effect after the end of July 15.

In the first quarter, the company bought back $ 13 billion in Google shares. $ 13.5 billion in the December quarter and $ 12.6 billion in September.

“After using most of its previous authorization, Google supplemented its repurchase program in April, with the board authorizing an additional $ 70 billion repurchase,” a recent report by Deutsche Bank said. “The new and additional $ 70 billion permit exceeds the previous $ 50 billion permit announced in April 2021, and is thus a larger part of the company’s current market capitalization, given the current reduction in technology.

Alphabet predicts a “significant increase” in capital spending in 2022, reflecting investment in computer servers in Internet data centers and office space.

But GOOGL shares face more difficult comparisons of growth in 2022 as the coronavirus pandemic fades.

Google plans to use “contextual” technology that allows advertisers to target aggregate user groups with similar interests, such as travel, sports or fashion.

Looking for the next big stock market winners? Start with these 3 steps

Johnson & Johnson Stock

The shares of JNJ formed a flat base with an ideal entry of 186.79. This comes after the bursting of shares by a double bottom base s purchase point at 173.72 on March 14. Shares of Johnson & Johnson fell below their 50-day line and recently broke the old double-bottom point.

The shares are trying to find support on the 200-day line. Progress from here and the conquest of the 50-moving average is key for the future. This may suggest an early entry or crossing of the short-term peak from the end of May of 181.74.

While JNJ shares are close to the bottom of the flat base, consolidation is only 10% deep.

The line of relative strength has just reached a new 52-week high and is slightly above the levels last seen at the end of 2020. Its strong overall performance brought it a composite IBD rating of 88 out of 99.

Shares of JNJ rose after the company beat Q1 revenue on April 19, reaching a record high a few days later. EPS rose 3% to $ 2.67, while analysts forecast $ 2.55 per share. However, sales of $ 23.43 billion missed forecasts.

During its first quarter report, Johnson & Johnson cut its full-year forecasts for 2022. The company expects to earn $ 10.15- $ 10.35 per share on sales of $ 94.8 billion to $ 95.8 billion.

For the year, JNJ stock analysts called for an adjusted earnings of $ 10.55 per share on sales of $ 99.63 billion. Both measures will rise by less than 10% on an annual basis.

JNJ is moving to separate its consumer health division into a new company. This will allow J&J to focus on high-growth products, including its medicines and medical devices. In 2021, these units generated more than $ 79 billion in sales. This more focused approach can lead to greater profits in the future.

The company’s fundamentals are improvingand the risk of litigation begins to decline.

Last year, Johnson & Johnson had sales of $ 93.78 billion, reaching nearly 14%. The company also reported adjusted earnings of $ 9.80 per share, up 22%.

Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson is now emerging from the cloud of legal issues.

Earlier this year, the company agreed to pay $ 5 billion to settle claims that contributed to the opioid crisis in U.S. drug distributors. AmerisourceBergen (A B C), Cardinal health (CAH) and McKeson (MCC) will pay $ 21 billion.

In addition, Johnson & Johnson added another $ 99 million settlement in West Virginia in April.

J&J also recently expanded its talcum powder business after claims that its compound caused people to develop cancer. The new company then immediately filed for bankruptcy. Earlier, J&J withdrew its baby powder brand from the shelves in the United States and Canada.

Shares are rising after the brutal week, but be careful with that

Delta Stock

This is something you should watch out for in case the market turns. As demand for air travel increases after the Covid pandemic, it may continue to enjoy better condition.

At the moment, he has to take his main moving averages again. If you can move above the 50-day line, this will offer early entry.

The recent consolidation from the end of April is long enough to be an appropriate basis for a weekly chart. More broadly, the 45-46 zone has acted as a resistance several times in the last year.

DAL shares recovered their 50-day and 200-day lines at the end of May. JetBlue (JBLU) and Southwest Airlines (LUV) raised its bullish revenue forecast for the second quarter. This followed similar guidelines from United Airlines (UAL).

A few days later, Delta Air Lines and several other carriers gave optimistic forecasts for revenue for the second quarter, but the airline’s shares have lost significantly over the past few weeks. Delta shares fell below their 50-day and 200-day lines.

Delta has said it will cut flights this summer due to staffing problems. And airlines are struggling with rising fuel prices as Russia’s war in Ukraine continues.

Although demand for travel remains strong, slowing economic growth and high inflation could affect flights and fares.

Investors will want to see some improvement in DAL shares before taking a step. At the moment, his composite rating is far from ideal.

There was a division of the stock market and the presentation of profits. While stocks jumped, profits remained in the trash due to the Covid pandemic.

The stock is actually positive so far in 2022, even when the profits are there shrank on average for the previous three quarters. However, they rose 65% in the last quarter and are expected to continue to recover.

The airline said the service problems it faces – be it short staff, weather or Covid – have led to historic disruptions.

“More than ever in our history, the various factors that currently affect our work – weather and air traffic control, supplier staff, increased number of COVID cases, contributing to higher-than-planned unplanned absences in some working groups – lead to an operation that does not consistently meet the standards that Delta has set for the industry in recent years, “said Alison Ausband, Delta’s chief customer service officer.

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