The BBC team race to make – deadline

The two women responsible for the persuasion Prince Andrew to sit in front of the camera and give his infamous interview explaining his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, now compete to capture the events behind the screen.

Earlier Deadline exclusively announced that Sam McAllister, the former interview producer for Newsnight, has sold the film rights to his book Scoopswhich explains how Prince Andrew’s chat and other famous televised meetings were secured and managed.

Now on times reports that Emily Maitlisthe interviewer, who won plaudits for the way he conducted the interview with the prince, has partnered with production company Blueprint Pictures to bring the 2019 interview to the screen as a scripted drama.

Pre-made drawing A very English scandalstarring Hugh Grant as disgraced British MP Jeremy Thorpe, and A very British scandal in which Claire Foy plays the infamous Duchess of Argyll. The times is reportedly set to premiere on the streaming service as a three-parter, with a BAFTA-winning screenwriter already attached.

It was reported last week that the company is also planning to make a drama adaptation of the High Court defamation case between the wives of two footballers, Coleen Rooney and Rebecca Vardy.

Prince Andrew was forced to step down from public life as a result of the 2019 interview, in which he failed to apologize for his friendship with Epstein, show no compassion for Epstein’s victims and in various ways refute the allegations against him – by revealing that he was at Pizza Express on the night he was allegedly at a London nightclub with Epstein’s Virginia Giffer and that he had a condition which meant he was unable to sweat, as well it is claimed.

No casting has been announced for either production, although Hugh Grant has been mentioned in the context of both.

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