The Armory broke the local record

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – The Midlands Arms Redemption Program was forced to shut down after 128 guns were collected less than an hour after the event opened on June 16 (observed).

“We did in one day what I thought would take three days,” said Pastor Michael Baker of Greater St. Luke Baptist Church on the phone.

Pastor Baker conceptualized the redemption in April with the intention of saving lives and rebuilding families in the Midlands. Two months later, the buyout amassed more weapons than any previous program in Richland County.

“I wasn’t looking for an opportunity for the press, I just knew something had to be done,” Pastor Baker continued.

The program, which was moved to the Great St. Luke Baptist Church will continue to pay $ 100 for a pistol and $ 250 for a rifle until Tuesday, June 21. Payments are in the form of visa gift cards and are distributed on the spot.

“We didn’t run out of money, we ran out of visa cards,” which led to an early closing on the opening day. Pastor Baker said gift cards worth more than $ 12,000 had been handed out, thanks to countless approvals from local to government officials.

Weapons collected during this inspection are considered “seized” and will be deleted by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office on the next court-ordered destruction date.

“When you follow what the Lord tells you to do, you follow it independently [of] who participates and who does not, then you have already succeeded, “concluded Pastor Baker.

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