The AOC blew up Republican hypocrites after Roe was repealed

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called for the hypocrisy of Republicans who support life while accusing Republican senators of repealing Roe.


AOC said on the floor:

I think it’s important to tackle the myth that it’s kind of for babies, or children, or life, because the same people who claim to protect life are fighting against universal health care. Do they believe in universal care for children? Do they believe in life after birth? From their political positions, I assure you, there is no evidence. A party and people who claim to protect children’s lives just weeks after the deaths of more than a dozen children in Texas now say they support their lives. The life of the young. Who are we defending? Who does this protect? Nobody.

Roe’s overthrow puts each of us in danger.

Later in his remarks rap. Ocasio-Cortez accused Rowe of transferring the Republican senators who voted to confirm Cavanaugh and Barrett on the basis of lies.

A pro-life party is not for life. They are for forced birth. They are for women who are dying. They are the opposite of pro-life and AOC pointed out, they are also hypocrites.

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