The 18-year-old writes 10 books inspired by her life growing up in Racine

MILWAUKI (CBS 58) – Amanda Billerbeck is a prolific and award-winning author. She has written 10 books so far and is only 18 years old. The creative characters in her stories are mostly inspired by her life, growing up in Racine. She sat down with CBS 58 to look at how her work has evolved over the past decade.

“So this is Debity Duda and the case of the missing smoked Gouda,” said Billerbeck, holding a copy of one of his books.

Debit Duda is a private eye cat.

“What happened,” she asked? Gouda was stolen! The skipper cried, “she read.

Debutty Duda has been revealing crimes in the pages of Billerbeck’s books for years.

“On the contrary,” Debbie said. “I know who did it,” she said.

Each book is “dedicated” to real pets. In this case, her own cat, Debbie.

I’m self-taught, “said the teenager, showing examples of her illustrations.

Billerbeck started with simple, hand-drawn characters with a colored pencil and marker, and now she uses her tablet to create her illustrations.

“It’s completely stylized like a comic,” she said of her latest work.

Her latest book is a graphic novel. It’s called “Debut Duda and the Prison Break.” Billerbeck has come a long way since his first book in third grade.

“It’s also fun to look back and see how my art has progressed,” she said.

Racine, a teenager, began writing and illustrating these books when she was just eight years old.

“These are some of the first illustrations I made,” showing his first book. “It was a story about a prince, a princess and a misunderstood spider.”

This story won first place in the Mary Joe Nettesheim Literary Competition, sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma, a society for women educators.

“She came with her mother and father and she was so excited. It was like jumping around the room and everything, ”DKG member Julie Trafton recalled of the first awards ceremony.

Trafton remembers Billerbeck well.

“I just commented that she has so much energy that I wish I could bottle it,” Trafton said.

It wasn’t long before Trafton received a package, and inside was a bottle of Amanda’s energy. She was impressed with Amanda from the beginning.

“As an art teacher, I looked at the illustrations and thought, wow, she’s really talented for a third-grader who can paint this way, and when she grows up, her drawings are just phenomenal,” Trafton said.

Trafton has been watching Amanda’s growth since writing a book every year since.

“It’s quite unusual for her to have that focus and keep it all the way to 12th grade,” she said.

A total of ten books. One, even featuring a chicken named Bruce Wayne. Yes, inspired by the old Batman she watched.

“He’s a chicken dancing steppe, he wants to go to Broadway. He finds love. There are children, “Billerbeck said with a smile.

This book has been published and is available on Amazon. There is also a signed copy in her school library.

Part of her inspiration is a little unusual for a child – including Edgar Allan Poe.

“I just liked the rough, gloomy atmosphere they had,” she recalls of his stories.

Amanda is heading to the University of Wisconsin Stout to study graphic design in the fall, where she will no doubt continue to work. Her art is always evolving.

“I feel that graphic design is a great way for me to put these skills into practice,” she said.

She was also appointed ambassador to the head of Delta Kappa Gamma in Racine, liaising with the organization that helped her get started.

“If she decides something, I think she will,” Trafton said.

“I can do something I love, learn it and then use it,” Billerbeck said.

The Bruce Wayne Tale can be found TIMES for purchase.

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