Texas Republican Platform rejects legitimacy of Biden’s election while pushing guns, hatred

Cornin was not the only one to receive a hostile reception. The far-right representative of Texas. Dan Crenshaw and his staff were was physically attacked by a mob calling him “McCain’s Eye Bandage”“An insult to Tucker Carlson in case you need further evidence of Tucker’s role in far-right violence.” A member of the mob demanded that he be “hanged for treason!” The exact impetus for the attack remains unclear, but seems to involve anger at the same “red flag” laws that angered the mob against Cornin.

A pseudo-militia organization based on violent street attacks is very upset about the proposed changes to ban famous violent freaks from owning weapons, you say? Well, that coincides with the conservative reflex to care only about topics that specifically affect us I say.

But a new platform for the Republican Party in Texas? Oh, that’s a lot of work. The state will enter the interim with an official declaration that President Joe Biden is not a legitimate president of the United States.

“We reject the certified results of the 2020 presidential election and believe that Acting President Joseph Robinet Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States.” says the Republican Party of Texas.

Congratulations, Texas Republicans. You are officially a rebellious conspiratorial cult.

But the new Texas Republican Platform, as reported by Texas Tribune, is more than the bleating of a particularly active cult. The party prepared a document fully in line with its fascist base; declaring allegiance to the elected leader of the United States is only a protagonist in a Texas Republican platform saturated with conspiracy and brazenly fascist rhetoric.

The party reiterates that Texas has the right to secede from the United States because, of course, it has. It also calls for a new constitutional convention to rewrite the nation’s founding documents, which require the right to leave.

Other far-right elements of the Texas platform are familiar callbacks to decades of conspiracy theories from the John Birch era. The abolition of the Federal Reserve and the abolition of the federal income tax are old things, but delicacies. A section on policies that prioritize pedestrian traffic and mass transportation over cars is a heated version of past conspiracy theories that say the United Nations will come to take our paths and replace them with bike lanes.

But the new platform is also worse than the old one and is particularly difficult to indoctrinate (sorry, haircut of Texas students. There are plans that specifically claim that homosexuality is “abnormal” and “lifestyle choices,” another that seeks to punish gender-based health care in the country through civilian mechanisms similar to what the state has already used to an effective ban on abortion, and another banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Texas.

A party that explicitly bans the teaching of academic theory is not normal in non-fascist, non-authoritarian countries, and this move is no less dangerous than the fact that the theory is simply is not it is taught in Texas schools, which is a narrow legal topic that requires much more advanced education than any Texas Republican could tolerate, or the complete inability of a Texas Republican party to even properly define what is banned.

The platform also calls for the teaching of “sex education” or “sexual health” in public schools to be declared a state crime. You are simply not allowed to teach your child what to expect at puberty or why he may bleed profusely in his underwear. You have no right to teach them what bullying is because Republicans (and, as we imagine, Proud Boys) don’t want Texas kids to know about consent.

But don’t worry. The Texas Republican Platform will ensure that Texas students are properly indoctrinated according to the beliefs of the fascist cult that created it. This requires schools to teach that life begins at conception and according to Tribunerequires students to “listen live to ultrasound of pregnant fetuses.”

When it comes to guns and the state’s remarkable indifference to ongoing massacres, the official platform of the Texas Republican Party is completely free to all. The party insists that the constitution of the state be changed in order to deprive the legislature of the power to adopt all kinds restrictions on weapons, “with a view to preventing crime”. There will be zero rules for buying or carrying weapons in Texas.

Yes, the Texas Republican Party has passed the QAnon With Guns, and the party document introduces a pseudo-religious fascist government that teaches state children which citizens are worthy of respect and which are “abnormal” or “mentally ill.” He explicitly rejects the legitimacy of the current government on the grounds of a conspiracy spread by a figure of respected leaders who is provably lying, and calls for a new state referendum to determine whether the country should simply leave the United States entirely.

To you, this may sound like a document drafted by advocates of child abuse along with insurgents to encourage mass murder before they become a complete traitor, but that’s exactly what Texas Republicans are now. Yes, even those who say they are against these things while voting for Republicans who support them. It is a party of conspiratorial freaks and betrayal, a party in which even the most far-right members are not protected from attack in their own convention if they dare, even for a moment, to march against the rebel’s military base.

If there is one thing that is an “abnormal lifestyle choice” or “mental health condition,” it is voluntary to remain a Texas Republican while the party slips into the QAnon-style conspiracy cult. State republican leaders are saturated with real rebels From top to bottom, people whose only devotion to the country and its fellow citizens is the desire to dominate. Bicycle lanes are tyranny; the claim that the incumbent president is illegitimate because some drunken idiot told a deluded narcissist that foreign satellites were trying to catch him, but now it’s a movement that could irritate the Republican base.

Some sinister children’s groomers, these are them.

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