Texas AG Paxton successfully prosecutes Texas woman convicted of 26 voter fraud

Texas is still Red – they are still chasing real criminals.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced a year ago that there are still 500 cases of electoral fraud still to be heard in court.

That comes when Gov. Greg Abbott promised a new bill on the integrity of state elections, as well as a reform of the guarantee.

OAN reported:

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The Texas Attorney General. Ken Paxton said more than 500 election fraud cases are currently pending in court. Over the weekend, Paxton tweeted that his team would pursue any case of voter fraud.

This comes after he shared information about a woman arrested on multiple charges of electoral fraud in the 2018 local elections. Monica Mendes was convicted on seven counts of illegal voting, eight of illegally assisting a voter, eight of illegal possession of ballots and eight for electoral fraud.

Read the news release TIMES and below:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced the latest prosecution of his office for the integrity of the election in Victoria County. Monica Mendes of Port Lavaca pleaded guilty to 26 counts of voter fraud, including three counts of illegal voting, eight counts of electoral fraud, seven counts of aiding a voter in sending a ballot by mail and eight counts of illegal possession of a ballot. Mendes is leading a vote-raising operation on behalf of a subsidized housing corporation to influence the outcome of the utility council election.

After Mendes pleaded guilty to all 26 counts and confirmed in court that all charges could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, District Judge Eli Garza sentenced Mendes to a five-year suspended trial.

The case was investigated and prosecuted by the Paxton Attorney General’s Integrity Team in collaboration with the Victoria County Attorney’s Office.

AG Ken Paxton was a staunch defender of fair elections.

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