Ten Republicans led by Cornin withdraw from gun security deal with Democrats

“The superficial explanation seems to be quite simple, but I know that while trying to reduce it to a legislative text, I think it has become a little more awkward,” Sen said. John Tun, minority leader Mitch McConnell number two. Thun is not one of the negotiators, but he is clearly talking about leadership. It really should be so simple, because we are talking about someone who has been convicted of violence against an intimate partner. Being convicted of violence must be enough in any context to prevent someone from taking up arms.

Not to mention the spread of murders by intimate partners stalkers, it really shouldn’t be difficult. After all, senators have been talking about it for years: the so-called boyfriend door has prevented the Violence Against Women Act from being re-authorized for more than three years. It expired in December 2018 and was finally re-authorized this spring when Democrats just leave the gun door problem I’m going.

The current stalemate suggests that the issue is much less about the difficulty of making the language than Cornin Con in action.


Republicans do not want this provision – which the NRA opposes – to pass this time either. So they use the tactics of McConnell and Texas Sen. John Cornin has been counting on for years: Take a problem that is extremely popular in society – comprehensive immigration reform, for example – and put Cornin at the forefront of negotiations because there is trust among Democrats and traditional media. God knows why.

Campaign action

Then let him slowly reduce any “agreement” that was seemingly reached at the beginning of the negotiations – accusing Democrats all the time of refusing to compromise – until it is made. And anyone can raise their hands and blame “guerrilla stagnation.”

A Republican familiar with the negotiations is far less sworn than Cornin. Take it or leave it, they he said Politico reporter. “[E]or on [D]Democrats accept what Republicans want about the boyfriend’s door, or it will be completely rejected. Another tried to back away from this, saying that it is still “under discussion”. The ultimatum part of Cornyn Con is still not quite in the sequence of negotiations.

It is worth recalling that 10 Republicans signed the agreement, which was announced on Sunday. They agreed in principle to include its provision. Cornin then moved the beams on the door, saying he wanted at least 20 Republicans on board. He moved the beams and moved the deadlines – each week after the shooting, majority leader Chuck Schumer promised to vote by the end of the week.

Now that the Senate is gone on a long weekend for the June 16 holiday, the Senate will have to work like lightning to write legislative language and a bill by next week. Then they would essentially have three days to cross it before heading off for another two-week break for the Fourth of July holiday. It has happened before in the Senate, moving at such a speed. They did it protect Supreme Court justices because Republicans wanted it. But this will not happen to protect thousands of innocent lives.

At this point, Democrats must end negotiations. Sumer must bring a bill passed by the House on the floor first next week. He must then proceed with a vote to ban assault rifles, universal checks on the past and ban high-capacity magazines. He must get Republicans to vote against anything American voters want.


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