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Discounts and benefits for T-mobile, free fuel

T-Mobile is back with one of its signed Un-carrier deals, which it calls “Coverage beyond, “Offering many discounts, privileges and benefits to customers. Selected T-Mobile users are on their way to a $ 0.25 gallon discount from Shell, free high-speed data worldwide, a free AAA year and more.

As you can see, the last move of Un-carrier is entirely related to travel, ideally scheduled for the summer months and rising gas prices. And while there’s something to enjoy here, the pump’s savings probably caught your eye first.

For the gas discount, customers with a “qualified plan” can participate in the popular carrier T-Mobile on Tuesday bonus and get “up to 20 gallons” of gas on Tuesday for a $ 0.25 discount at Shell gas stations. We’ve seen T-Mobile offer 10 or 15 cents off in the past, making it the biggest discount ever. According to T-Mobile spokesperson Brandi Sloan, the promotion period is from June 21 to the last week of Labor Day.

You’ll love the petrol discount, but that’s not all T-Mobile has to offer this summer. Here is a video that describes several other impressive benefits.

Choose T-Mobile customers with a “qualification plan” such as T-Mobile Magenta or Magenta MAX will receive all of the above, not to mention free in-flight data and WiFi streaming from major airlines, free AAA travel assistance, travel discounts for reservations, etc.

From June 21, T-Mobile’s Magenta customers will be able to access the Internet on selected Delta, American and Alaska Airlines flights. The compensation should arrive for United Airlines soon. After that, many regions where international data has been limited to slow speeds or not available will now have access to 5 GB of “high speed data”.

Remember that these benefits vary depending on the region, the airline and which T-Mobile plan you are currently using. Either way, T-Mobile has your summer covered travel plans.

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