Suspect arrested for violent car theft may be linked to brutal beating of three women in South Philly, other attacks (VIDEO)

Malcolm White

A New York man arrested for stealing a woman in Montgomery County is also suspected of brutally beating three women in South Philly.

Malcolm White, 36, a black man, is suspected of brutally beating three white women in southern Philadelphia on June 15.

Graphic video of the beating was taken on a Ring camera (warning for sensitive content):

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Police say Malcolm White was released from prison in January and has a history of violent attacks on female prison guards.

Malcolm White is also suspected of sexually assaulting a woman and may be linked to several other attacks.

Fox 29 reported:

Malcolm White, 36, was arrested Thursday night in Whitepain after police said a woman had been ripped from her car by her hair and punched in the face. Authorities say the brutal hijacking took place in the parking lot of Henkels and McCoy on Jolie Road, where the victim worked.

The victim told police that the attacker strangled her, causing her to lose consciousness, according to an affidavit. When she woke up, police said she saw the man in her car and ran back to work.

White tried to escape from the police by hiding in wooded areas and tall grass, but was eventually detained. He faces several charges of brutal assault.

Law enforcement sources told Steve Keeley of FOX 29 that White was released from prison in January and has a history of attacks on women supervisors in New York.

Authorities in Philadelphia say White was also charged with harassing and sexually assaulting a woman in the lobby of her workplace on Thursday morning.

Inspector General Vanore told reporters that the victim, a 20-year-old woman, was followed by an assailant after getting off the North Ridge Avenue bus around 7:30 a.m.

She was tracked down in the lobby of her workplace, where the attacker sexually and physically assaulted her, according to Vanore. The victim’s phone was taken during the attack, which police later tracked down to Whitpein and learned of White’s arrest.

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