Survivors of the North County blast recall an explosion that killed four people

ST. LOUISE DISTRICT (KMOV) – Early Friday morning an explosion at a home shook the North County neighborhood. Four people were killed near Block 6600 on Parker Road after prosecutors said they were making explosives in the home’s garage. Now family members who survived the crash are telling a different story.

“I was asleep. I heard a big boom. My bed flew in the air and I hit my head on the ceiling. Everything was falling,” said Diamonte Cooks.

Diamond Cooks and his mother searched the burning home on Friday morning, trying to save everyone inside. Diamonte Cooks said his mother and two younger siblings did well, but his other brother, 18-year-old Damario Cooks, and his friends, 17-year-old Christopher Jones, 21-year-old William Jones and 16-year-old Travel Eason, died. in the event of an explosion. Diamonte Cooks said on Sunday that she saw the house for the first time since the incident.

“It simply came to our notice then. I didn’t have the courage or anything to go back. It was very hard. “I really thought it was my fault,” said Diamonte Cooks.

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Cooks said he came home around 11:30 a.m. Thursday night and saw everyone hanging out in the garage. The blast occurred a few hours later on Friday morning.

Sunday morning, The St. The Louis County Attorney’s Office said those in the garage were building explosives that caused the home to explode. Terrell Cooks and Seneca Mahan, who do not live at home, are charged with second-degree murder, endangering the welfare of a child and illegal possession of an illegal weapon in connection with the incident.

The statement for probable reason says that Terrell Cooks admitted to the detectives that the people in the garage made explosive devices for him and Mahan. Detectives also said they found boxes of chemicals, large quantities of completed explosive weapons and other components to make the devices in another home associated with the suspects.

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However, Diamonte Cooks, other family members and friends told News 4 that they believed the explosion was caused by a gas leak. Diamonte Cooks said they have had problems with gas leaks in the home for some time.

“Anyone with huge headaches and even people who would come who didn’t finish would say they smelled gas,” Daimonte Cooks explained.

News 4 asked Diamonte Cooks what he thought of Terrell Cooks, who admits to making explosives.

“It’s ridiculous, but you know, they really didn’t tell us anything. “People there seem to know more than us, and we were part of the incident,” Diamonte Cooks said.

A Spire spokesman said Sunday that there was definitely no gas leak that caused the explosion.

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