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Summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere at 5:14 a.m. east on Tuesday. This is the longest day since 2022, just as good a reason to stay outdoors to welcome the season that poetess Amy Lowell called “The Crown of Nature’s Changing Year / When Her Whole Turbulent Life Is Full”.

However, don’t wait until Tuesday. Start your weekend with bottle of rose or choose one of ours summer drinks for non-drinkers. Nicole A. Taylor has a selection of recipes for the Eleventh on Sundays, including grilled chicken with peach and molasses jam and strawberry sumac cake.

Sunday is also Father’s Day. If you are looking for gifts, my colleagues at Telorez and T magazine have ideas.

I welcome the clichés of summer – sunny days on the beach and mosquito bites, pool parties and campsites – with open arms and hearts. We are still making our way from what we felt like an endless winter. It is good to open the windows, let in sunlight and warm breeze.

I hope to get to the beach by stopping at the bookstore first to get one or two selections Read list of Leila Slimani in Paris. (First, Virginia Despentes’ Vernon Subutex 1.) If you are planning a trip to Paris this summer, be sure to consult our guide for what’s new there and read about travel challenges at European airports.

If you’re an indoor cat, see Jeff Bridges as a former spy in the FX thriller series “The old man. ” And try to rest this weekend. While summer is good for sunset cooking and lemonade stands, it may be. less swelling for sleep.

Big summer plans? Small summer plans? Tell me about them.

🍿 The Black Phone (Friday): The season of scary movies is year-round for me, but there has always been something especially wonderful about sitting in a cold theater in the summer and watching one. Chills. In this ghost story, the great Ethan Hawke is involved as a kidnapper. The Black Phone is right in my wheelhouse. Watch the trailerand decide if it is in yours.

📚 “Island of Fire” (Released now): There is a long strip of land off the south coast of Long Island that comes to life in the summer – pristine dune beaches and no cars (believe me!). It’s called Fire Island, and the story there is deep, as Jack Parlett describes in his new book, which described by our reviewer as a “century-old chronicle of the strange life” of the island. Combine that with the eponymous romantic comedy, now airing on Hulu, which offers a gay summer spin on “Pride and Prejudice.”

🎧 “Honestly, it doesn’t matter,” Drake (Exit Now): Just after Beyoncé spoke up and said, “You know what, there are no more surprising albums for me – my next one is coming out in six weeks, I’ll see you then,” Drake chose to release his last from heaven. On a quick first pass, The Times described it like “sweet mood – somewhere between a DJ mix and a very long song.”

Sunday is Father’s Day and if you are planning to celebrate dear old dad by making him dinner, these sweet and savory pork chops with sweet-mustard glaze it can only be the thing. Ali Slaggl’s recipe is extremely simple and perfect: Just fry your steaks in a little oil, then, while they rest, make a quick sauce for the pan with some good canned fruit and a big bite of mustard. Use not very sweet jam (like my favorite orange jam) and crunchy wholemeal mustard, which will crack nicely while chewing. Serve it with Dad’s favorite starch (mashed potatoes, noodles, rice, whatever he likes) and a large green salad. Many grateful hugs will surely follow.

A selection of New York Times recipes is available to all readers. please, have in mind subscription for cooking for full access.

The hunt: They had a budget of $ 400,000 for Upper Manhattan. Which home did they choose? Play our game.

The US Open at The Country Club in Brooklyn, Massachusetts: The third big part of the golf season has additional drama. For the first time, PGA players share a course with those who have switched to the new, Saudi-backed LIV Golf. And while the crowds may be too civilized to be ridiculed, some players aren’t: Rory McIlroy, the four-time grand champion, said older golfers who have joined the LIV admit that “their best days are behind them.” And the younger ones? “Taking the easy way out.” Lunch today and Sunday on NBC.

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