Study of the impact of herbicide-resistant crops on weed management

The review examines the impact of herbicide-resistant crops on weed management

An integrated weed management (IWM) tactic is needed to manage glyphosate-resistant Bassia scoparia in glyphosate-resistant soybeans (Glycine max L.). Credit: Vipan Kumar and Phil Stallman.

Herbicide-resistant crops are already common in the United States and Canada. Properly managed, these same crop characteristics technologies can also play a key role in integrated weed management – reducing the intensity of herbicide use and the pressure on selective weed pressure. But does this potential for weed management correspond to the reality of the field?

A team of university researchers recently reviewed 25 years of data on the impact of herbicide-resistant crops on integrated weed management in the Great Plains, the Northwest Pacific, and the Canadian prairies. In an article published in the latest issue of the magazine The science of weeds, they say herbicide-resistant weeds are now ubiquitous in areas where herbicide-resistant crops are grown. Although the scale of the problem may vary depending on the crop, the characteristics of resistance and where the crop is grown, it is largely influenced by whether growers resist the temptation to rely solely on herbicide-resistant crops.

“Delaying the evolution of herbicide-resistant weeds will require a variety of crop rotation sequences, including many herbicide-resistant and herbicide-resistant crops,” said Cayo Brunaro of Oregon State University, a member of the research team. “Unfortunately, however, few land producers and managers take this approach.”

The authors recommend adding new teeth to registration requirements and industry management plans – supported by comprehensive training for seed retailers, agronomists and growers. They also suggest the use of financial incentives to encourage the adoption of appropriate management practices.

Research confirms new tactical control for herbicide-resistant weeds in US soybeans

More info:
Caio ACG Brunharo et al, Western Perspective of the United States and Canada: Are Herbicide-Resistant Crops the Solution to Herbicide-Resistant Weeds? The science of weeds (2022). DOI: 10.1017 / wsc.2022.6

Quote: Study on the impact of herbicide-resistant crops on weed management (2022, 17 June), retrieved on 17 June 2022 from crops-weed.html

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