Steph Curry was named MVP in the NBA Finals for the first time

Steph Curry rightly took his place in the basketball pantheon.

Steph Curry rightly took his place in the basketball pantheon.
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Steph Curry received the MVP in the final last night, an award that for some reason some people think is needed to confirm it. As recurring ad nauseam from me and others, there are few players who have completely changed the game and Curry is one of them. Even when he was excluded, as he was in game 5, he distorted the defense so much that the others were always open. Just at the thought of Curry teams defend themselves to the parking lot. And you won’t find much more killer when the biggest bets are ready, anything in the ass of the best performance of the best player to walk the Earth in 2016. His consecutive 3 in the third was almost the game and he knew it, and he wasn’t afraid to say so much to Boston’s faithful.

It’s also a lot of fun. No one explodes like Steph. No one has ever erupted like Steph. MJ will tire you out with these upheavals and the disappearance of Js. LeBron with his game for all actions.

But Steph can do it in seconds. Sometimes there is a feeling that he barely touches the ball before it is in the air on a journey to the bottom of the net. It will hit three 3s for what feels like six seconds. This is a show with fireworks, gathered in minutes.

Four championships in each sport really put you on Mount Olympus. You know the names in the NBA, but even in the NFL it’s Brady, Montana and Bradshaw and that’s basically it. The NHL is Greek, Messi, Trotie, Bossi and that’s it. Baseball is Jeter, who really has nothing to do with the others, as he has never even been the best player on his own team, so let’s switch him to Rivera. Whatever other trinkets think Steph should officially seal him as something worthy of respect at all times are pointless and just something they created because they don’t like him for whatever imaginary reason. Maybe because he’s the son of an NBA player. Maybe because he’s small. He is no more confident or arrogant than anyone else. He definitely deserved the right.

There may be no one like him. He probably needs to absorb that.

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