South Korea plans to set up a diplomatic mission to NATO in Brussels

SEOUL: South Korea plans to set up a delegation for niton in Brussels, the national security adviser said on Wednesday Seoul insists on strengthening its partnership with the organization and playing a greater role on the world stage.
Regarding President Yun Suk Yol’s planned presence at this month’s meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), National Security Adviser Kim Sung Khan said Seoul would seek to strengthen relations with NATO members in the face of an “unpredictable” international situation. .
As part of its efforts, South Korea is in talks with NATO on information exchange, combined exercises and joint research to counter emerging security threats, he said.
Yun, inaugurated in May, said his main foreign policy goal was to make South Korea a “global nation-state” with a focus on promoting freedom, peace and prosperity based on its liberal-democratic values.
Although the meeting on June 29-30 in Madrid is expected to focus on Ukraine crisis, Yun plans to step up international co-operation against North Korea’s nuclear program, Kim said.
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said an upcoming summit was expected to reach an agreement on a bailout package for Ukraine that would help the country move from old Soviet-era armaments to NATO’s standard equipment.
South Korea plans to announce additional humanitarian support for Ukraine at the summit, but Seoul has not considered lethal aid, Yonhap reported.
The new president could also hold a tripartite meeting with his US and Japanese counterparts on the sidelines of the NATO summit, Yonhap was quoted as saying, citing a presidential official who said Yun’s presence was not a policy against China or Russia.

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