Sony’s film about Kraven will be a big departure from the comics based on the words of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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Fans of Craven the Comic Book Hunter may be a little disappointed with the news, which comes with the kind assistance of the film’s star, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. If you have to trust him, Sony Craven the film will be a big departure from its comic book origins.

During the chat with Diversity, Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks about his time as the protagonist and revealed that the film recently ended production after being shot entirely on the spot. As he described the role, Johnson said Craven did “One of Marvel’s most iconic anti-heroes, Spider-Man’s number one rival.” He kept saying it was “He’s not an alien or a wizard. He is just a hunter, a man of convictions. This is the next description that throws some fans, as Johnson confirmed that in the movie Craven is “Animal lover and protector of the natural world.” This very feature of the character goes directly against the central core of the character, as depicted in the comics.

Craven the Hunter, also known as Sergei Kravinov, is a ruthless big game hunter in the comics, and he will eventually turn his attention to Spider-Man in an attempt to track him down and kill him as prey because he was worthy of his position. Eventually, Craven would be turned into an antihero who showed some respect for his opponents, but he also had no problem killing animals. In fact, he wore lion skin as part of his costume.

Sony Pictures probably thinks that being a bloodthirsty hunter will be difficult to sell to the general public, but changes like this don’t help much to allay the fears of fans who think the studio really doesn’t know what to do with Spider-Man’s many characters. rights to. While Poison the films were financially successful, the reviews were not quite stellar and the smell of failure Morbius continues to linger. In fact, I have some hope in terms of The hunter Craven because the character is the least interesting, but Sony makes it difficult to maintain that hope.

The hunter Craven also starring Ariana DeBose as Calypso, Fred Hechinger as Chameleon, Christopher Abbott as Alien, Alessandro Nivola as another unnamed villain, and Russell Crowe will also appear in an undisclosed role that is said to be that of Craven’s father.

Do you think the changes in Craven’s character were necessary for the film? The hunter Cravendirected by JC Chandor, is coming out on screens January 13, 2023.

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