Singapore-based gut microbiome company AMILI brings in $ 10.5 million in Series A funding

Singapore-based precision gut microbiome company AMILI won $ 10.5 million in a series of A-series funding led by technology and life investor Vulcan Capital.

New investors have joined the circle, including Pruksa Group, TVM Capital Healthcare, Emtek Group, Capital Code, Pureland Group, Blue7 and Enterprise Singapore’s investment division SEEDS Capital.


Founded in 2019, the company is building a huge multi-ethnic repository of microbiome and sample data from Asia, including the only existing microbiome bank in Southeast Asia. He is also developing diagnostic tests predicting algorithms and interventions to modify the microbiome through his own analytical engine called AMILI Prime.

Its database is used to assist academic institutions and biotechnology companies in identifying new biomarkers for the formulation of intestinal health products, as well as to provide information to food producers.

AMILI recently launched its consumer health brand BIO & ME in Singapore, which offers probiotics and diagnostic tests based on its own microbiome database. The brand aims to be launched in the rest of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong later this year.

The company also offers fecal microbiota transplants to help treat bacterial infections.


According to a press release, the fresh funds will be used for its further expansion in Southeast Asia in the near future and in the rest of Asia later. He will also support his drive for more research partnerships and discoveries, as well as the development of AMILI Prime.


Although there has been progress in gut health research worldwide in recent years, “there is still a big gap in research that is representative of the Asian population,” said Tommy Theo, managing director of Vulcan Capital.

AMILI is currently focusing its clinical research on three areas: health and wellness, oncology and response to microbiome-based therapies. Since 2019, she has conducted more than 20 research studies – worth more than $ 40 million – in a number of health indications.


Other players in the global microbiome market have also been attracting investors’ money in recent years. Based in the USA Viome Life Sciences, which offers microbiome tests and identifies biomarkers for chronic diseases, closed $ 54 million in a round before the C-series in November. His latest funding will support clinical trials aimed at developing early diagnosis and therapy.

Another company, Ombreraised $ 3 million in initial funding to be used to improve gut health reports and probiotic recommendations in its mobile app.

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