Shares to buy: Analyst Himanshu Gupta offers Gokaldas Exports, Sterling Tools, Asahi Songwon for winnings; I know why!

Himanshu Gupta of Global Capital Market chose his favorite mid-cap stocks today for short-term, positional and long-term investments. This is what he recommended.

Gupta recommended the shares of Gokaldas Exports as its long-term choice. He said the shares have performed well over the past two years and have good foundations.

He added that the company has less debt and a long-term strong support zone at levels between 330-350 and is the perfect time to buy these shares. Due to market instability, there was a high-level correction, but stocks are now close to their long-term strong support zone 330-350.

The shares were recommended at a price of Rs. 330-350. It puts a stop loss below 300.

“I feel we can see conservative targets of 415-425 over the next six months,” Gupta said, noting that stocks could rise.

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On a positional basis, Gupta advised the purchase of shares in Sterling Tools. Shares are consolidating at their last highs, despite the fact that the market is volatile and there have been sell-offs in the recent past, he told Zee Business.

The shares were around 220-224 and Gupta advised investors to continue to buy them at a stop loss at 205 Rs based on the closing price. So you can buy the shares between these prices.

Himanshu Gupta also added that 270-300 rupees are positional targets, arguing that the risk / reward ratio is favorable at these levels.

In the short term, Asahi Songwon may be a good choice, Gupta said. It has a strong foundation, along with good operating cash flow and low debt, he added. The shares are currently on trend at Rs 475-478 and the target for the shares is around Rs 525.

For Asahi Songwon shares, the stop loss is 460 rupees, Gupta said.

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