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Looks like Shailene Woodley he must slow down and be allowed to recover while in Morocco. The 30-year-old actress shared a photo on her Instagram page on June 17 and revealed that she injured her ankle in some “sneaky” steps. “Morocco, you are amazing, but your little 3 sneaky hidden steps everywhere are real,” she wrote below the photo. The photo showed Error in our stars an actress lying on a deck chair in the sun with an ice bag on her left ankle and a flashing peace sign. She looked quite relaxed as she relaxed into black panties and a white tank top. A straw hat covered her eyes, forehead, and hair.

It is not clear how long Shaileen has been on her Moroccan trip. A few hours before the post, she shared a video of her story on Instagram, in which she went down to go under limbo. “Last night. It was. So. Fun,” she wrote above the video, per people. Her latest feed post came a week earlier, which showed her leaning against a stone wall with her back to the camera.

Earlier, Shilin shared her image, in which she posed with a movie poster for Top Gunn: Maverick, which debuted in May after its initial premiere in June 2020 was postponed four times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Along with the publication, she urged fans to see the film, which grossed a whopping $ 124 million in ticket sales in its first weekend, according to New York Post. “If you still haven’t had a chance, run, don’t go to the nearest cinema, sit down and watch the new Top GunShe insisted. “You will feel like a child again… to go to the theater for a TRUE cinema experience. we laughed, we cried, we clapped. so many cracks. @tomcruise obvi killed so hard … and #milesteller gave the world everything you want, but you rarely get into a blockbuster movie … heart. soul. cheeky charisma. (lubricated abdominal muscles). pain. enthusiasm. and he did everything with such finesse that you barely know it’s happening.

Miles Teller35, and Shailene are known to be close and often go on double dates when Shaylin was engaged to the NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers38. Shailene and Aaron sparked romance in 2020 and got engaged secretly at some point at the time Aaron confirmed their plans to take the path in NFL honors broadcast in February. 2021. However, by 2022, rumors of a separation were swirling and their separation was confirmed until April.

After their separation, an internal EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Sheilin felt that Aaron was not making her a priority enough. “This year, with all the drama that Aaron put on Green Bay Packers with the trade requirements and just the difficulties with the leadership, it really put Aaron in focus on getting better. He wanted to reach and win the Super Bowl, he wanted to be the MVP of the league and that made him the main focus of his career, “the source explained. “But the man who didn’t get the trick was Sheilin,” they continued. “She was doing her thing for her career and just wanted more support from Aaron, which just didn’t happen. She wanted him to be more present and invest in her and the relationship and that didn’t happen. She thought it was a given and that led to it [downfall of the] romance. ”

Sheilin seems to have made the most of what she does since then, even if it means staying positive for a minor ankle injury.

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