Serial liar Adam Schiff calls on Justice Department to prosecute Trump for alleged involvement in alleged “multiple criminal acts”

The Democratic Republic of Adam Schiff claims that the House of Representatives’ commission investigating the “uprising” in the US Capitol has obtained substantial evidence that former President Donald Trump “has been involved in many criminal acts” while trying to canceled the January 6 presidential election.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday night, the California Democrat called on the Department of Justice to “follow the evidence” and bring charges against

“Our mission is to expose to the public the facts of a conspiracy to cancel the presidential election, the first peaceful transfer of power we have had in our history, and to prescribe remedies, legislative remedies to protect our country in the future. “The primary mission of the Justice Department is to bring people to justice who are breaking the law,” Schiff told CNN’s Don Lemon.

“We can make a recommendation, but, of course, the Ministry of Justice is not sitting and waiting for references from us, at least they have not done so in the past. I hope they are not just waiting for us now, “he continued. “It is their duty to follow the evidence and, if there are credible allegations of crime, to prosecute anyone, including former presidents.

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“If they don’t have to wait, do you find – at least in what you know – enough credible evidence for the Ministry of Justice to act at this time?” Lemon asked.

“I certainly believe there is enough evidence to start an investigation into several people, as well as Judge David Carter of California, who believes the former president and others were involved in probably a number of crimes. So if the Department of Justice agrees with Judge Carter, not to mention my opinion or that of others, they should pursue it, “Schiff said. “So, yes, I think there is enough evidence to start an investigation.

“Ultimately, the Ministry of Justice will decide whether this evidence is beyond reasonable doubt, so that it is convenient to bring charges against someone. But I think there is certainly enough evidence to launch an investigation.

While Schiff is prosecuting accusations against dozens of Americans for exercising the First Amendment and protesting against allegedly stolen elections, the Democrat MP has not yet been accused of multiple perjury himself and brilliantly lying to the American public under oath during his unsuccessful attempts to put Trump and his political opposition.

In December, Schiff became famous corrected text exchange between rep. Jim Jordan and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows in an attempt to portray them as criminals.

Dirty Adam Schiff is doing it again! Doctors with pencil J-6 text messages to build a case against Trump #IndictLiarSchiff

“Schiff claims that there is evidence that a member of Congress sent an SMS to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to instruct former Vice President Mike Pence to cancel the results of the 2020 presidential election,” the federalist said. “Not only did Schiff misrepresent the nature of the text message and its source, he even falsified original text messages that were received and reviewed by The Federalist in their entirety.

Before the Republicans investigated the protest against the fraudulent election in 2020 in the Stalinist committee on January 6, Schiff and the Deep State tried a coup against Trump, accusing the President of the Republicans of a secret agreement with Russia to rig the 2016 election.

Schiff and the Democrats used Hillary Clinton’s fake Steele dossier as the main source of evidence.

The Democratic MP has been running the fake dossier for years, knowing that the whole dossier was funded by Democrats and there was no proof for a secret agreement between Trump and Russia.

Serial liar Adam Schiff says he does not regret imposing a fake Hillary-funded Steele dossier (VIDEO)

During the impeachment process in the Senate in 2020, Schiff invented completely imaginatively Trump cites Trump as urging Ukrainian President Zelensky to “publicly announce the two political investigations, and he must want to do so.”

We are still waiting for his evidence for Russia Russia Russia.

Schiff is now the leader of the federal government’s weapons against the American people, bringing the country to the brink of totalitarianism while relying on the corporate press to spread lies as truth.

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