sen. Ron Johnson appears to have been caught illegally by Ian. 6 commission with false documents

sen. Johnson was protest too much on the severity of the Capitol uprising in Jan. 6, 2021, for some time. He argued this white people cannot break the law in the same way that black people can break the law; he alternatively claims this there was no “uprising” in the first place in the Capitol building; and he has been doing all this time is secretly recorded to tell people that he knows and does not “believe” that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent. He is trying to cancel the election while knowing and believer that the election was legitimate is the definition of performance fraud.

We are talking to expert Brandi Buchman about everything you need to know about January. 6 commission, hearings and investigation of Daily Kos’ The Brief podcast

He did all this while spending December 2020 trying to question the integrity of the election, using his position to observe a tribunal circus on cybersecurity. This is the political theater that took place a month before the Capitol Uprising and was full of Trump-appointed officials who say there is no evidence of election security breaches or fraud.

On Tuesday, the commission briefly explained how different countries including Ron Johnson’s Wisconsin, secretly gathered a set of fake “voters” whom Trump and the conspirators hoped would help put pressure on Vice President Pence and others to join the coup. These fake “voters” were appointed illegally and their posts were held without merit, and yet sen. Ron Johnson on Jan. 6 tried to hand over fraudulent documents to Wisconsin and Michigan to the vice president in hopes of forcing him to refuse to certify the 2020 election.

how do we know that Jan. 6 commission has receipts in the form of text messages between sen. Johnson aide Sean Riley and Vice President Pence Chris Hodgson’s idea:

Damn it

SEAN RILEY: Johnson needs to pass something on to VPOTUS, please advise us

CHRIS HODGSON: What is this?

RILEY: Alternative list of voters for MI and WI because the archivist did not receive them

HODGSON: Don’t give him that

Hot potatoes = Proof of treason

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