Scott Disick: Meeting bachelor villain Corin Olympios?

If you are a longtime fan of The bachelorthen you will no doubt recognize the name of Corin Olympios.

The undisputed villain of Nick Vial’s season, Corinne was the contestant that viewers loved to hate.

Her willingness to stir the pot made Olympios an ideal reality star, but her personality is not the type one usually looks for in a romantic partner.

that’s why bachelor fans are so surprised by the rumors that Corinne has a romantic relationship with Scott Disick.

Scott and Corinne

The rumors began when Disick was spotted in the company of a “mysterious woman” in the Miami hotspot Papi Steak around 2 am on Sunday morning.

none Connection reports, bachelor Reddit fans were quick to identify Corinne as one of the most famous suitors in the show’s long history.

“If this is Corinne’s foray into The Kardashians, I’m FOR IT,” said one commenter.

“I’d like to see Corinne face Chris Omg,” joked another.

Scott has spent a lot of time in Miami in recent months and has been associated with many different women during that time.

Only in 2022 Disick contacted Holly ScarfonElizabeth Grace Lindley and Hannah Cross are all 20-year-old models.

Recently, It was rumored that Scott was dating Rebecca Donaldsonand the relationship seemed to be getting serious.

Scott even took Donaldson to the premiere of The Kardashians and introduced her to the entire Card clan.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he wants to settle down soon.

In the years since he and Courtney separated, Disick has jumped from one relationship to another over the years, and this is a player who seems to have no interest in retiring.

Hell, Corinne isn’t even the first reality star Disick has been associated with.

Before that, Scott had been spotted spending time with Larsa Pipen Real hosts from Miami glory.

But when rumors of romance began circulating on social media, Larsa hurried to get rid of them.

“Ever here [in Miami]he calls me and we always meet for lunch, “Pipen told Page Six last week.

– We have been friends for a long time.

So yes, it is possible that Scott is planning to start a serious relationship with Corinne.

But what’s much more likely is that she’s using it for a little free advertising, and he’s using it for … well, you can probably use your imagination to figure out half of Scott’s deal.

Neither Scott nor Corinne have spoken publicly about the relationship, but an insider is telling Hollywood life that the two are just friends – perhaps with benefits.

“Scott and Corinne have a lot of friends in common, he’s actually known her for a long time,” explained an insider.

“But nothing is happening between them, he’s still with Rebecca and he’s very focused on impressing her.”

“It seems that Scott really likes Rebecca and everyone in the family hopes that this will continue,” the source continued.

The insider went on to say that Kardashian was doing well with what Scott chose – as long as he stopped obsessing Courtney.

“All they want is for Scott to get away from Courtney and be happy, because that seems to be the only way he can get over her relationship with Travis,” an insider added.

“The sooner he gets through this, the better it will be for everyone, so at this point, everyone is really encouraging him to make this relationship work, because Rebecca seems to be doing him a lot of good.”

Yes, there were rumors that Disick hates Barker and he was heartbroken when he learned of Travis and Courtney’s engagement.

But he seems to have taken some big steps toward continuing in recent weeks.

We assume that hitting half the population of Miami-Dade County will have such an effect!

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