Saudi Arabia is in discussions to join the BRICS coalition with China and Russia and distance itself from the US with potentially explosive consequences

Saudi Arabia, the largest US export market in the Middle East, invited Chinese President Xi to visit Riyadh in March as relations with the US falter after the election of Joe Biden, Wall Street Journal reported.

According to a report from CNNUS intelligence agencies have assessed that Saudi Arabia is now actively producing its own ballistic missiles with the help of China, a link that could lead to a domino effect in Middle Eastern countries.

Under Biden, the American leader is openly mocked on the international stage. US allies are now joining China.

Saudi Arabia announced in March that it was considering accepting the Chinese yuan instead of the US dollar in future transactions.

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This is the move that Steve Bannon and the War Room have been warning you about for the past year.

This will end the supremacy of the US dollar – and this has been facilitated by Joe Biden, the Democrats and members of the Uniparty.

Joe Biden and his handlers are destroying the United States.

And now Saudi Arabia has been invited to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS.

The announcement comes ahead of Joe Biden’s upcoming trip to Riyadh.

Conservative tree house influenced this major development.

Is this a strategic geopolitical push from Saudi leader Mohammed Bin Salman (MbS) ahead of the meeting with Biden; or is it a real possibility that looms so likely? If the former, then Joe Biden is being geopolitically slow-roasted by Saudi Arabia for his past snubs and ideological hypocrisy on his visit. If it’s the latter, well, then the tectonic plates of international trade, banking, and economics are about to shift directly beneath our American feet.

We have been closely watching the signs of a global rift around the energy sector. In essence, Western governments are following the “Build Better” climate change agenda, which stops the use of coal, oil and gas to power their economic engine, while the rest of the growing economic world continues to use the more efficient and traditional forms of energy to power their economies.

This Newsweek article is about exactly that dynamic with Saudi Arabia potentially joining the BRICS team.

Newsweek reported:

To the east, however, security- and economic-focused blocs led by Beijing and Moscow are seeking to admit members of their own, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, two powerful Middle Eastern rivals whose interest in strengthening cooperation on this new front could have significant influence. on the global geopolitical balance.

The two bodies in question are the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS. The former was established in 2001 as a six-member political, economic and military coalition comprising China, Russia and the Central Asian states of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan before recruiting South Asian foes India and Pakistan in 2017, while the latter is a group of emerging economic powers , originally consisting of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) at its inception in 2006 and including South Africa in 2010.

“BRICS and the SCO share an important ideological quality: both are focused on multipolarity and their summits are even sometimes held back to back,” said Matthew Naples, an international relations expert and fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Canada. Newsweek.

“Both seek to act as force multipliers for this drive towards multipolarity to help alongside alternatives [i.e, in currency or banking],” he added. “This could, in theory, facilitate economic ties and step into gaps that US institutions are not filling due to sanctions, such as those imposed on Russia.”

Iran, already an observer of the SCO, began its official meeting membership acceptance process during the last leaders’ summit in September. On Monday, Iran’s foreign ministry announced that the Islamic Republic would also seek to join BRICS.

Across the Gulf, Saudi Arabia has also considered applying for BRICS membership, as revealed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his visit to the kingdom in late May. The announcement followed Saudi Arabia joining Argentina, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Senegal, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates at China’s invitation for a “BRICS+” discussion, after which Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced that the members were ” reached a consensus on a BRICS enlargement process’.

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