Saucy Santana and Madonna team up for ‘Material Gworrlllllll’ remix.

neither Cheeky Santana continues to promote his music, he gave his fans a surprise treat by enlisting one of the biggest names in music for a new collaboration… and it’s none other than the legendary Madonna. Saucy Santana and Madonna have officially released the remix of Santana’s “Material Gworrlllllll” to close out summer 2022 with a potential hit.

Although the song may be two years old at this point, Madonna still decided to jump for Saucy Santana’s 2020 viral hit “Gworrlllllll Material.” Officially released on streaming platforms earlier today, Madonna kicks things off on the remix by dropping a few bars: “I ain’t fancy, I just like fancy shit/ Make the budget disappear like a magic trick/ Make him buy me everything, no got to choose/ Only hold a conversation if the bag’s fat,” she raps before launching into her singing for the song’s hook.

Meanwhile, Saucy Santana takes a turn at the mic and drops a few lines of her own. “Deposit all the bills baby, keep the cash flowing”/ Crack your wrist but the bus’s holding ’em/ 42 on my lips, take a sip/ I like my p***s, don’t come here without chips/ How much you paying?/ I ain’t talkin’ fake tongue,” he spits.

You may recall that Saucy Santana and Madonna originally connected back in June during the New York parade, when Madonna brought Santana on stage for a medley of his version of “Material Gworrlllllll” with her 1984 hit of the same name. which turned her into a true superstar.

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