Sami Guevara is annoyed by winning the Tag Team Title with the WWE legend

Former TNT champion Sami Guevara recently shared a retrospective photo of herself with former WWE star Chris Jericho. He is also annoyed for a potential team title with The Wizard.

The Spanish god recently reunited with his former Inner Circle partner, Chris Jericho. While the former WWE veteran was involved in a huge feud with Eddie Kingston, Ortiz, Santana and Blackpool Fight ClubSami erupted on stage unexpectedly last week. He helped Jericho win Hair Vs. Hair match against Ortiz.

On Twitter, the Spanish god shared an edited photo of himself and the WWE legend. The photo above shows them holding the AEW World Tag team title, and the photo below is an old photo of Jericho with young Sami Guevara.

Sami’s return to Jericho’s side could mark the beginning of the duo’s title team. Although they have never been AEW World Tag Team Champions, the time may be right for them to win gold.

Fans have strongly supported the reunion of Sami Guevara and the WWE legend

The match between The Spanish God and Chris Jericho was greeted with loud applause from the fans of the arena. As the former disguised himself as Fuego Del Sol, fans were left speechless when the mask fell.

Several fans posted supporting messages below the photo shared by Sami Guevara.

@Eckenmonster @sammyguevara That would be an incredible feud. Old school wrestlers, team purists against sports artists 👀

However, several people were not very excited about the irritation of the team title.

Although no specific plans for the duo’s future have been revealed, it would not be an exaggeration to say that The Young Bucks may have new contenders for their titles.

Fans will have to watch to see if Sami Guevara’s hints come true soon.

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