Round table: Conclusions from the Rivals Underclassmen challenge

ATLANTA Challenge for classmates finished, but there are still many storylines to look at. Our analysts – Adam Friedman, Adam Gorny, Ryan Wright and Clint Cosgrove – Sit down at the Rivals roundtable and discuss their biggest excerpt from this week’s event.

Adam Friedman: “The Underclassmen challenge confirmed what I thought would come out of it Rival camp series in Miami earlier this year – Eddie Pierre-Louis is one of the best offensive strikers in the 2024 class. Tampa’s standout area is absolutely a bear inside the offensive line and is probably one of the strongest prospects in the nation’s next cycle. Currently ranked fourth in his position, I saw Pierre-Louis move into the top three and land much higher than No. 184 in the Rivals250. “There are some technical oddities he will have to work on, but when he got the defender on Friday, they couldn’t do anything to get into the backfield.”

Adam Gorny: “My biggest conclusion from the Rivals Underclassmen Challenge is that there is no way to have 19 better defenders in class 2024 than Christian Dunbar-Hawkins. He was absolutely phenomenal all the time, but especially when the lights came on during the one-on-one session. He now plays at the Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco, Dunbar-Hawkins stayed with each receiver, showed great instincts and anticipation of where the ball was going, tested the ball well and showed more explosion than I have seen from him in the past. There were some receivers commenting from the sidelines that they could not get a seat against him and he definitely made a big statement at the event last weekend. “

Ryan Wright: “I have seen this out of season Winston Watkins half a dozen times and he has not yet disappointed or fallen below the elite level of play. After seeing him in Atlanta against the best of his colleagues, my idea is that Watkins has the best hands in his class, maybe in the nation.

“The IMG Academy successor has all the other elements in his game to be mentioned among the best in his class when it comes time to qualify for the 2025 class – speed, running, athleticism – but his hands are a safe area for QB and pigskin The level of concentration is the next level that can pull passes with a defender everywhere on it and after the ball hits his hands, the exchange is complete. There’s never a hit or a “will or won’t” moment with Watkins. “

Clint Cosgrove: “My biggest statement is the amount of undiscovered talent who attends our series of camps and how important these camps are for recruiting players. Although there were many young players in the camp with many offers, there were a number of lesser-known players with the same amount of talent, but also little in terms of recruiting them.

“As a Midwestern analyst, I will use Kian Berry-Johnson as an example. He was one of the best playmakers in the Underclassmen Challenge and proved able to go hand in hand with the nation’s best young talents, but his list of offers from The Connecticut and Houston pales in comparison to some of the players he outperforms. Which brings me to my second point. Many criticize these camps as the Underwear Olympics and say they mean nothing. What these same people don’t know is that these camps are an important part of the recruitment process, and the college teams are actually paying for the film. I have many past examples of players receiving offers after a strong performance at the Rivals camp, but I will leave you to watch the rest of Berry-Johnson’s recruitment after his performance on the field on Friday morning. “

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