Rona McDaniel admits RNC helped Trump defraud the United States

RNC President Rona McDaniel acknowledged that the RNC had helped Trump find fake voters as part of his conspiracy to defraud the United States.


McDaniel said: “He (Trump) transferred the call to Mr. Eastman, who set out – on the importance of the RNC to help the campaign fixture – bring together conditional voters in case legal challenges change the outcome of one of the states. Rather, I’m just helping them reach out and get them together, but I understand that the campaign really took the lead, and we just helped them in that role. “

sen. Ron Johnson is involved in the schemeand now the American people know that the RNC itself is involved in a conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The criminal conspiracy was not led by the campaign of Trump and the former president, but large parts of the entire Republican Party were involved.

The scheme was much larger and more extensive than previously known. The hearing is about a campaign to pressure Trump to cancel the election, but a growing number of Republicans are involved in crimes against the United States.

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