Ron Johnson tries to throw his stick under the bus after he was arrested in a fake election scheme

sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) blamed his staff after a 1/6 commission involved him in the fraudulent voter scheme.

After the commission showed evidence of his involvementJohnson’s spokesman tweeted:

Either Ron Johnson doesn’t know what his staff is doing, or he’s lying. The reason Senator Johnson is probably not telling the truth is that officers don’t usually contact the vice president’s staff on a whim or try to arrange something like a dream. Johnson himself transmits false voices to Pence.

The employee was probably told to contact Pence’s office to make this happen. sen. Johnson seems to have been left with the impression that since he did not make the request himself, he has a plausible refusal.

A quick summons to the clerk would shed light on the whole issue, but a dream. Johnson’s story doesn’t make sense. In Johnson’s version, he was completely in the dark, while his staff was so well informed about the conspiracy of the fake voters that they were able to speak to Pence’s staff in an informed manner.

The man who was able to know about the plot was Ron Johnson. The 1/6 committee caught him, and Johnson’s hiding behind staff apologies raised more questions than answers.

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