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Roku Walmart Advertising and Shopping

rock announcements today, when you team up with Walmart not only to place ads on TVs and streaming devices, but also allow you to shop Walmart straight from the couch. Viewers can easily find products on their TV and pay using Roku’s easy payment platform.

Or, as Roku explains, this is a new “first-of-its-kind partnership to make television streaming the next destination for e-commerce shopping.” And although this is not the first time we are saw ads on Roku devicesthis is a completely new e-commerce platform that will encourage you to make purchases from your TV with the Roku remote.

This new service works across Roku’s full range of players, speakers and TVs, and while you’re in the US, you’ll start seeing these ads. From there, users can click on the on-screen ad, shop from a Walmart list of products, and easily buy things.

Roku TV Walmart shopping on payment

According to to Peter Hamilton, Roku’s head of television sales, “We make shopping on TV as easy as on social media. For years, streamers have been buying new Roku devices and signing up for millions of subscriptions with their Roku remote. Streaming marketing brings the same ease and convenience to merchants and buyers. ”

At the moment, we’re not entirely sure what to expect from the pilot program, nor do we know where Walmart’s ads will appear on Roku devices. However, expect them to appear in many of the usual blanks on the Roku home screen or inside the Roku Channel – whether you like them or not.

From the sounds of things, these are not typical TV commercials, but will be similar to commercials seen online or on Amazon. Viewers who see something they would like to buy can easily choose it with the Roku remote control and quickly begin the payment process. Your payment and delivery information will be filled in automatically with Roku Pay, after which you can press OK on the remote control and you are ready.

We’re not sure how relevant these ads will be to your shopping habits or how intrusive they will be. However, Roku aims to “connect with customers where they already spend time, shortening the distance from opening to purchase”, assuming that these will be targeted advertising.

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