Rivals Underclassmen Challenge: Who is your favorite assistant coach?

ATLANTAChallenge for rivals from classmates was filled with the best prospects from across the nation. These best prospects are being gathered from beach-to-coast programs. So we got some idea of ​​who their favorite assistant coaches are.

WHO: Steve Spurrier Jr., Mississippi

Why: “He’s the one I talk to the most.”


WHO: Eric Chinander, Nebraska

Why“Coach Chinander, I talk to him a lot. I’m messing with Nebraska.”


WHO: Kyle Flood, Texas

Why: “Flood is the best O-Line coach, I think, in the whole country – NFL and college.”


WHO: Steve Spurrier Jr.Mississippi

Why: “I have a great relationship with Coach Spurrier. Every time I go up there, it’s like he’s my stepfather or something. He just knows me. It’s really great.”


WHO: Ryan Gunderson, UCLA

Why: “He’s a really good coach. Really organized. He taught me the game when I was there, the basics of the game.”


WHO: Jeffrey PhelpsMississippi

Why: “He’s very nice. He invited me to matches and it’s just a nice atmosphere.”

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