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Rihanna ASAP Rocky

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Rihanna34 and rapper $ AP Years33, welcomes his first child together, boy, on May 13th. Before Father’s Day, an EXCLUSIVE SOURCE close to Rihanna told HollywoodLife that the couple’s bond is stronger than ever after the birth of their son.

Rihanna ASAP Rocky
Rihanna with ASAP Rocky (Vianney Le Caer / Invision / AP / Shutterstock)

Rihanna saw a completely different side of Rocky that she had never known. “She has fallen in love with him even more since they welcomed their son into this world, and she appreciates every moment she sees Rocky and their son connect,” said an insider.

Rihanna knows how close Rocky is to her nieces and nephews, so she got a glimpse of what parenting would be like, but it’s never been as perfect as it is now. Rocky has never left Rihanna and he helps take care of their son in every way possible, “they continued.

When it comes to presenting their newborn to the public, hitmakers have decided to take action as slowly as possible. “They plan to have friends and family for Father’s Day, but they still do not plan to take the baby out in public. Not that he’s not old enough, but they don’t want to risk paparazzi, so they’ve shrunk. Rihanna has several gifts planned for Rocky, but nothing too much. They are still adjusting to their new norm and accepting things as easily as possible, “the source explained.

Two other sources said HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that A $ AP Rocky is a huge system to support the baby after Rihanna’s birth, even offering to change diapers. “Rocky was everything. She told her friends that she could not imagine doing this with anyone but him, he was so supportive and loving. Seeing him hold their son makes her love him in a whole new way, “said one acquaintance.

The singer of “Umbrella” and A $ AP began to meet in 2020, after being close friends for several years. They announced their excitement pregnancy news in January 2021 with a modern photo shoot in New York.

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