Republicans, with Manchin’s help, postpone everything to destroy the Democratic Party’s agenda

“Washington is working on a relationship of trust between the countries concerned,” Romney said Thursday. “I hope there is gratitude that the administration says that it cannot buy these things, and then in a few months, diverts some funds and then buys them, is unacceptable and makes our ability to work together.” very shaken to the core. ” The pearls are tightly squeezed.

The White House, not surprisingly, has a different interpretation of how the discussions are going. “We tried to meet with the Republicans at their request, and they continue to move the doorposts,” one official told Washington Post. Another, spokesman Kevin Munoz, entered the minutes. “Going back to January, we are working with members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans on funding for the COVID response,” he said in a statement. “We were also crystal clear about the consequences of the lack of funding … including the very real possibility that we will have to re-evaluate the planned use of existing funds.”

There is another potential victory for the White House – not to mention all the people at risk of contracting COVID-19 in the coming weeks and months – Republicans are cynically blocking. This is almost as impressive as what they did with the weapons.

All this puts this in the mood of “we will believe when we sit down.” “Senate Democrats are preparing for possible action over the summer on their elusive bill on climate, tax reform and prescription drugs, working behind the scenes with a new version during high-profile gun safety talks. Because it all depends on Manchin again, and Republicans are on the verge of saying that the guerrilla Democrats have destroyed all hope of regulating gun safety with their unreasonable demands to keep guns away from people who have been convicted of violence.

This led Manchin to declare that the Democrats were terrible guerrillas and he simply could not continue to work with them. He has used far more fragile excuses, such as the fact that the White House included his name in a statement to Build Back Better. It is believed that this blew up the whole package last December. It probably won’t take anything more for Manchin to do it again.

Republicans are counting on it.

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