Republicans shrug off news that Trump coordinated violence; Ginny Thomas has other thoughts

Trump was told his crowd didn’t go through metal detectors because he didn’t want to give up his guns. His response, a House Select Committee witness said, was to demand that the detectors be turned off so the crowd could remain armed.

Testimony noting that both Donald Trump and Mark Meadows knew that the crowd Trump had gathered to march outside the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 made the dominant headlines today, and Trump allies were quick to insist that claims that Trump threw food or lashed out at his own driver were false. However, no one came forward to dispute that Trump had been told the crowd was armed, and he responded by asking that the metal detectors be turned off so the crowd could stay armed when he turned them to the US Capitol.

Betrayal is betrayal even if no one threw ketchup, you know. (Oh, but hey definitely throw ketchup.)

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