Republican candidate sells RINO hunting license, encourages shooting of non-MAGA politicians

In 2016 Eric Grietens ran a campaign entirely focused on filming things. Shooting things. Shooting more things. And also blowing things up. Seriously, that was it Greitens’ first advertising campaign and it was the least insulting. From then on, weapons, explosions and the promise of violence only increased.

Greytens, who has never held any public office, wins Missouri governor election by a landslide Chris Coster, a moderate Democrat who was Missouri’s attorney general and state senator. Then, a year after taking office, Greytens had to resign in disgrace after it turned out accused of a crime of privacyfor allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman he had an affair with, tied her up, photographed her, tried to blackmail her, and subsequently participated in her public humiliation.

Yes, that. Greytens’ ex-wife, the one he cheated on when he did all of the above, later said she has documentary evidence that he abused both her and their children.

Despite all this, Greytens announced that he is running for the Missouri Senate this year to replace retired Roy Blunt. And because the world is as it is, it is as it is leading candidate for the republican nomination.

It would be easy to dismiss Greytens as some backyard idiot waving his arms around because he knows nothing else. no. This person? He is a scientist from Rhodes. He has written two books on the importance of caring for others, fighting genocide and ending landmines. One of his books opens with a preface by Paul Rusesabaginathe central figure of the Rwanda Hotel.

Until 2015, Greytens was called a Democrat. But as the already malignant Tea Party movement further metastasizes to MAGA, Greytens is one of those who jumped on board, noticing a ripe opportunity for self-promotion and profit. It’s hard to say he’s a hypocrite … because it’s not clear if that term can really be applied to a sociopath. Like Trump, Greytens loves the uneducated. He likes to feed them with a stream of pseudo-strong and not even disguised fascist images.

And every time he points the dial at a nightmarish police situation in which people are persecuted and executed in the short term because they didn’t have the right thoughts … he is rewarded.

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