Representatives of the Ripley Museum come to Kim Kardashian’s defense and say that she did not damage Marilyn Monroe’s dress

We all know last month Kim Kardashian they turned their heads on the carpet at the Met Gala while wearing Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 dress. While on the carpet, Kim said she had to shed 16 pounds to fit the dress. Recently, photos of the dress showed some wear and people began to accuse Kimi of destroying the dress.

According to TMZ, representatives of Ripley’s spoke in defense of Kim and said that she did not destroy the dress. The museum bought the dress in 2016 for $ 4.8 million and said: “A report on the condition of the dress in early 2017 indicates that a number of stitches have been pulled and worn. This is not surprising given how delicate the material is. There is swelling at the back of the hooks and eyes, “among other cases of damage.”

Amanda Joyner, Ripley’s vice president of publishing and licensing, was with Kim at the Met Gala night and said: in which it began. ”

The photo, which is being distributed online, is before Ripley bought the dress. The representative also said that the dress was shown around the world, which contributed to possible damage.

Kim herself has not spoken about the dress since she was accused of damaging it.

The dress itself was worn by Monroe in 1962 when she sang John F. Kennedy’s Happy Birthday. According to CNN, the dress is currently on display at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Hollywood in the fall.

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